Some People Just Aren’t Fit For The Silver Screen

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Dig Beyonce and Idris Elba in their upcoming film Obsessed – set to be released on February 27, 2009. We can’t help but to wonder if Sasha will have better luck with this jawn than with Cadillac Records, which opened miserably over the weekend.

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  • DaddyO


  • kahmmillion

    Could be cuz everyone tired of her behind already….

  • Just me

  • shar

    I personally think she showed she could act in the Fighting Temptations. I thought the direction, production et al in Dreamgirls was rubbish and don’t understand how that movie got away with it.

  • Black Beauty

    B has her hand in everything. Does this girl ever
    sleep? Oh well, she’ll do anything to not settle down and have her old mans kids, I can’t really say that I blame her. LMAO

  • JOEY B (santa claus asked congress for bailout money)

    she look so good,thick

  • GaBeauty

    Dang…..I thought Cadillac records was gonna be the toast of the Nu year…..with the big award shows coming back around!

  • Misha

    Does Idris Elba just not care about his acting career? Why is he in so many bad movies, and why of all movies, be in one with a no talent like Beyonce? Goodness, he should be paying HER to be in the movie with him.

  • BE

    @Kzz – Yeah I knew you would feel like that

    Bey too much at one time…sometimes less is more okay boo boo

  • Sawyer

    No she wont! She cant sing and she cant act! Stick with the modeling and sponsorship gig. And if I was Stringer Bell, I wouldnt be caught dead in a movie with her in it unless there was a cast to carry her.

  • Zoe

    Cadillac Records was a really good movie and Beyonce did a good job in it. And in her defense, part of the reason that it didn’t make more money is because it did not open in many theaters.

  • da darkness

    i don’t ever see her playing any seriuos sexual role that will have her showy. H.O.V.A. & her ain’t having it as it should she’s to iconic

  • Talley-B (if you need a favor, hit ya Govenor up...i'm pretty sure he will do it. smh)

    good god, Beyonce is fine as all get out…..looking like a 27 year old Tina “S.T.A.H” knowles…….

  • for real!

    the only people going to see this movie are the gays cus they love the single ladies song and they REALLY love their favorite closeted gay homeboy Mr (or Ms) Idris!

  • Oshie - still here.

    She doesn’t look that good in IMAX either.

  • The Truth

    CR sucked. It was a total flop 3.5 million for over 650 theatres is not a good ratio folks.

    Beyonce you’ve overexposed yourself step back and chill a bit.

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    top twizzy!


    BE, your right less is more……… I am so sick of her. STOP CASTING HER………………… I think that thye are just using her fame to get the sells, it’s not working any more STOP IT….. It worked for DREAMGIRLS…….for Jennifer!!!!LOL The REAL singer/actress

  • GaBeauty

    Idris is sumthn….serious….LOL

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    damn oshie — you must up my g

  • Girl

    i love B but I wish she would sit down. This extreme publicity tour screams “desperate and scared to lose my crown i am almost 30” she cant act i am sorry, just make music

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    btw are poppin champagne b/w those milkers?

  • Aunt Viv

    Hi Osh, Hi Lady Architect!

  • Shaahn

    She looks just like Mama Tina (Knowles) in this pic!

  • Mock Rock Star(Mock Rock says Ima Ima a Diva)

    Cadillac Records didn’t do well because I was out of the country when it came out and loyal beyonce stans don’t have any money

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