NFL Star, Corey Dillon, Taken for a Fast One

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Corey Dillon wants his stacks back:

Former NFL rushing champion Corey Dillon is all fired up over a Ferrari deal gone bad — dude claims he got taken for more than $500,000 by some fast guys with fast cars.

According to a lawsuit filed moments ago in L.A. County Superior Court, Dillon dropped his 2005 Ferrari F430 off at an auto repair shop to get a twin-turbo system added to his whip in May 2007 — but Dillon claims the guys never told him they weren’t officially authorized to work on Ferraris.

Long story short — Dillon claims he agreed to drop $55,000 in repairs, but while the guys were working on this car, the people who ran the company duped the running back into investing around $470,000 into their business.

After he wrote the check, things got bad — Dillon claims he was supposed to get his car back 6 months after he dropped it off, but 14 months later, the NFL star claims the work hadn’t been done. He had to get a tow truck company to remove the car with the help of cops and take it to another shop.

Four months and $34,400 later, Dillon claims the car was finally drivable. So here’s what Corey wants — a return of all the money he spent to fix the Ferrari, and the return of his $470,000 investment. As for the latter, Corey claims the shop owners blew it on stupid stuff like “fast food, perfume, liquor, groceries and gasoline.”

Is it just us, or do ya’ll have an idea of how it was possible for Corey to get duped out of all those stacks after you look at his pic? Poor thang isn’t playing with a full deck. SMH


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  • da darkness

    Go giants

  • Sawyer

    I’d be ready to break a mutha in two for ganking me on half a milli!

    Better suit up and try to sign a deal to play during the playoffs…I’m sure someone can use a spare running back for the league minimum.

  • Aunt Viv

    He’s got that Maurice Greene grin. Are they related?

  • 6 Figgas

    A fool and his money will soon part ways…

  • versace

    @Nina Knows, he acted as if he just purchased a toyota and just taking it a 5 minute lube shop. He’s just stupid.


    Not very bright.


    Adding twin turbos to a Ferrari is just stupid anyway.

  • Vee

    @ Nina Knows-you are absolutely right. That’s what happens when hood-fab people find themselves with more than $10. They act a fool and spend huge amounts of money on CRAZY sh–. I can see how he got taken but he shouldn’t have forked over the $ without credentials from them and a referral from another car owner. Duh!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Wait, wait, wait, You mean to tell me this n*gga dropped off his ferrari to get a $55,000 turbo system, they didnt do the sh*t then they got another $470,000 from his ass to invest in an unauthorized ferrari repair shop?

    This goes down as one of the dumbest “n*gga” moves on record! Hold up let me see where Corey is from, BRB

    This n*gga was born in Seattle, hol up let me see what college he went to………

  • bg

    That’s what happens when you take your car under the Oak tree to Gerald & nem!

  • Roe ski Love

    Hey Corey I have a bridge in San Francisco for sale its made from GOLD. They even call it the Golden Gate Bridge. I will give you a huge discount if you act fast on it.

  • NFL

    Sounds like Corey didn’t do his homework…lol.

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