Fu*kin for Tracks????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Ashanti on the cover of the October issue of King Magazine. In the issue, she talks about her relationship with Irv Gotti. Ashanti has been working on her FFT prevention plan and will appear in the sci-fi thriller Resident Evil: Extinction (out September 21).

The First Lady of Murder Inc. recently discussed why she is with Nelly:

He’s a funny guy, he’s very talented and he’s passionate about what he does regardless if it’s music or playing poker,” she tells me.

Our relationship experts predict she will dump Nelly within 2 months. Just in time for an Irv Gotti produced remix track. Click here to watch a video of someone who doesn’t want to see Ashanti back in the game.

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  • SW10

    she looks gud but she is talentless.

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    Man I hope not, I effin love Ashanti…

  • nahnah

    Esthero rocks!

  • Reddgal

    cosign with nahnah

  • k. phoenix

    Esthero is my new jam. I am so sick and tired of Ashanti’s no singing ass! Maybe if Ashanti and all of the other pop-tarts would fall back we could all finally hear real artist like Lily Allen and Janelle Monae. Thank goodness Alicia is on the way with something new!

  • Jahpson

    “and he’s passionate about what he does regardless if it’s music or playing poker”

    –when she says “poker” is she talking about the card game or Nelly “Poking” her?

  • Slimgoody

    she has no talent what so ever! At least she is open about her relationship with nelly, unlike Beyonce who acts like she stil ain’t with joe camel.

  • robbyrob

    ah man that joe camel reference was priceless!! gotta love it, but alot of these chicks open up for tracks!


  • lucky meh

    wtf is esthero??

    but anywho ashanti do ya thang

    if they hatin u gotta be doin something right!

  • moxpoe1

    Nelly has 2 much $$$ for Ashanti to dump him. Her career ain’t that successful!

  • leah

    Ashanti looks great on the cover, and I am not a fan of hers. Why is Esthero worried about Ashanti, they dont even sing the same type of music!

  • me

    esthero is so dman right. ashanti…is not in the right profession in my humble opinion. maybe she should go into teaching or just writing songs b/c singing and performing just isnt where it’s at for her

  • mactank

    she looks great!! HERE FULL GALLERY

  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz

    that chickadee is hatin on ashanti,, clik on my name, chk out my music, i aint hatin on no one,,i hate haters!!!!!! ms jazz

  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz

    that chickadee is hatin on ashanti,, clik on my name, chk out my music, i aint hatin on no one,,i hate haters!!!!!! ms jazz,,,

  • kigali

    Esthero is pretty dope but I dont get why she is hating on Ashanti. Very strange.

    Ashanti is very cute but there isnt anything very special about her. She doesnt really have that star quality.

  • La. Finest

    She looks cute.

  • jena 4rm tha block

    I like that Esthero video, we need real artists like the new Jill Scott is FIYA!! get you some EMILY KING, not any trash Ashanti poops out!

  • M. DOT

    All the haters act like Ashanti doesn’t have hits. All you females were bopping your heads and singing along to “…see my daays are cold without uuuu and i’m lonely while i’m with uuuuu….see my heart can’t take no more…i keep on running back to uuuu.” Please ya’ll need to stop trying to put the girl down. Ashanti, if u’re reading this just know that u do have fans out there who aren’t fickle and love you for what you do. Keep pushin and brush the hate off!!!

  • yes

    lol@esthero i like ashanti, i just wonder how irv got asked about her all of a sudden? he probably set all this up just to get her publicity

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    She’ll prove the haters wrong. She had a couple of hits that sounded the same with Irv Gotti so apparently, she wasn’t f-ing him enough. She needs to go find someone else to help her. Timbaland, Pharrell, will.i.am, etc. all do wonders and they aren’t too sleazy. Heck, I’d let Timbaland and Pharrell get it just cuz.


  • loveyoulongtyme

    Esthero was reaching. She needed to make a name for herself, so she tried clowning other artist as a way of getting attention. It didn’t work and her cd tanked. Maybe if she had come out and let her music speak for it self she would have blew up like her british counterpart Amy Winehouse. And yes, Ashanti looks cute on the cover.

  • Tazzygirl6

    Whatever! I agree with most of the comments that were made. She can’t sing or dance. She is just eye candy for the fellows.

  • http://www.falldeuces.blogspot.com Falldeuces

    What is this???

    FallDeuces got the good…


  • nono

    i’ve never been amazed by this chick. NEXT!

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