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Republican Senator Says Doesn’t “Give A Rat’s Azz” What Black People Think

And those were his exact words!

Republican Jim Summerville , a first term state senator from Dickson, Tennessee , has joined the chorus line of tone deaf conservatives. It was found that in an official email the senator said he did not care what black people thought, specifically their representatives in the black caucus.

The comments were made by Summerville who was, at the time, heading an investigation by the senate into a possible scandal at Tennessee State University (TSU) allegedly involving students grades being fixed . TSU is a world renowned black university. Therefore it was perfectly reasonable for members of the black caucus to contact Summerville with questions about his investigation.

What was unreasonable, however, was Summerville’s conduct in an official setting. It has been locally reported by that Summerville specifically wrote, “I don’t give a rat’s a*s what the black caucus thinks.” This message was sent using the subject line of, “Please share this response with your colleagues”

Now many members of the black caucus, and other members — both republican and democrat — are calling for Summerville to apologize or resign his post as a public official. Summerville has been removed as the chairman of the higher education subcommittee, as part of immediate consequences for his behavior. He may be penalized further with censure.

It should be noted that Summerville is an educator and an author. According to his Linkedin profile , he ironically has published a book titled: “Educating Black Doctors .” Ultimately the security of the senator’s job rests with the voters of Tennessee.

Wow. Tell us how you really feel, son!




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