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[] 5 Graphic Fashion Tees Featuring 2012′s Biggest Pop Culture Sayings
Fashion is fun. But fashion can also be pretty fun-ny. And there’s no place that people love putting humor than on the classic, basic t-shirt. There are a plethora of fun and funny fashion tees, but we particularly love ones featuring the year’s biggest pop-culture sayings. [Read]

[] Xzibit – Napalm Artwork and Tracklist
Xzibit is back on the scene and ready to drop his newest album called Napalm. He’s been in the lab with he likes of fellow West Coast mainstay Dr. Dre along with other notable producers including Akon, David Banner, S1, Focus and UK’s Beat Butcher. [Read]

[] TLC Was Wrong, You Could Use a Good Scrub: 5 Must Have Scrubs & Exfoliants for Summer
If you’re like me, I’m sure you spend a good minute every day, post-shower, moisturizing your skin up and down so that ash is not the first thing people can see when you walk in the building. As great as all those lotions and butters are, putting them on in the heat is not as fun as I would like it to be. [Read]

[] Word on the Street: Would You Fight Back or Sue After an Assault?
In light of Jennifer Willaims’ lawsuit against Nia Crooks for assault on Basketball Wives, Bossip’s Jay asked L.A. pedestrians whether they would fight back or sue in the case of their own assault. Most said that they would fight if they knew their assailant had no money. (Watch)

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