Get Her a Bucket of Popeyes

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is ANTM winner Jaslene in the Bahamas over the weekend. Why did Tyra co-sign this sick look? All the weight is going to her chin. Tyra is going to get hit with a lawsuit for contributing to her death.

Is it just us or does she look sick? Eat something b*tch before you die.

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  • seven

    shes pretty!

  • Jahpson

    Her small frame is making her head look even bigger!

    Notice that “Donkey Butt” on her chin. lmao

  • ***

    she looks like a man with aids

  • DM

    They only picked her to get the Hispanic viewers. She has no potential as a top model or even a bottom model. Put in your application at Taco Bell, chica.

  • lucky meh

    tyra wrong for that mess. she’s always talkin about how you dont have to be stick thin to be a model, then she does some mess like this.

  • detroit

    that’s what real runway models look like – nasty as hell.

  • beth

    i bet her bowel movements weighmore than her

  • moxpoe1

    that’s why i stopped watching ANTM. Tyra was sending mixed messages to those girls about healthy weight.

    The first season, they had what looked like one anorexic.

  • JRiddles

    There was a girl one time I think on the same season with Eva and Eva was grossed out by how skinny the girl was. I think that Jaslene deserved to win, and she probably is naturally thin. There are people who have always been this thin. Because of genes or a fast metabolism, they can’t help their weight or body type. Also, if it were a fat as all hell model who won, the caption would read, “Put down the bucket of Popeye’s. So, I must say she will look pretty effed up at age 80, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that she’s anorexic or anything. I like her.

  • leah

    Why is Trya to blame, she cant help it that the chick stopping eating. Yall need to be blaming the whole industry not just one person.

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals

    Does she have a glass eye?????

  • smartarse


    I was thinking the same thing….that wonky eye don’t help her top model dreams at all!

  • Dalia

    Somebody please cram a sandwich down this stupid scarecrow’s throat!

  • Bet

    Future crackhead for sure.

  • mactank

    she loos crazy!! full gallery Video intro!

  • idkmybffJillBoinChickaBoinBoin

    I’m not even understanding why this chick won. I think she must be the token “hispanic”, “latina”, “Spanish by way of East L.A.” or something. She does NOT look like a model, she looks like a crackhead. AND!! She got the boot the season before when she auditioned, how she just gon’ up and win the competition the next season? Tyra’s just trying to be politically correct and ish. I’m sending my Moms to audition.

  • BellaH

    Urban is right, leave Jaslene alone, she has always been skinny. (Now her eye in that shot is another story, but alcohol can make people make some crazy faces….) Quit hating, the girl takes beautiful photos. Don’t like the skinniness? Quit buying magazines and watching TMZ and all that other mess that supports the industries that employ skinny models…

  • Miss Dee (The Incredible)

    What’s up with her eye? And no… the stick look is not attractive! She needs to pick up a good 30lbs. Pretty girl, sad she’s wasting away…

  • SayIt

    damn i thought i was skinny

  • Selenah

    Damn, even with the flowy dress she looks sickly skinny as all hell. She can come over to my house, & I’ll fatten her up right quick.

  • La. Finest

    She is too skinny point blank. She looks sick and that’s not cute.

  • jena 4rm tha block

    now jaslene is thin, she was always like that but she is one of those chicks who are naturally thin, she don’t look sick, pale and I can’t see bones stickin out.

  • siito

    yo tell me how dis chick looks like she ran away from a mental home and used her bed sheet as a dres lmao

  • siito

    yo tell me how dis chick looks like she ran away from a mental home and used her bed sheet as a dress lmao

  • IsYouSerious

    Me and my girlfriends went to the Puerto Rican Parade in NewYork. Took 1 look at chick saw nothing but bones in the back and chest area. She was wearing a blue dress. Instead of waving my flag at her. I threw the rest of my chicken bones at her. Haloween is around the corner..all she need do is peel off her skin and she’ll have the best costume ever.

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