Blast From the Past Wednesday: H-Town

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossipers, ya’ll know this was the sh*t back in the day.

Classic line: Knocking the boots actually means two boots coming together making tasteful lust. LMAO

*Don’t forget to send your video suggestions to Tips.

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    LMAO 1ST

  • Aunt Viv

    DEAD DEAD DEAD @ this classic video!!!!!

  • Candid Canuck

    RIP the main singer of the group

  • Sydney

    LOL, this is a classic, and it was actually considered “scandalous” back in the day. . .:)

    I have to think of some old school video suggestions:

    1) Pleasure Principle, Janet Jackson (one of my top videos of all time)
    2) Alright, Janet Jackson (loved the Cab Calloway theme — prefer the remix with Heavy D)
    3) Rhythm Nation, Janet Jackson (on-point choreography)
    4) A Heavy D and the Boys video — they were so cute
    5) Waterfalls, TLC (another fave)
    6) Remember the Time, Michael Jackson (love that video)
    7) Glamorous Life, Sheila E (Need I say more?)
    8) Raspberry Beret, Prince

    Hmmm, so many others to think of. . .

  • HoneyG

    OMG Lmao. Video girls have come a lonnnnng way!

  • sickofitt

    Nice video, I was a yungin when this came out.
    Dino is the one that died.

  • closetcolumnist

    RIP to Dino and Teshya.

  • Sydney

    I just suggested The Rebirth of Slick by Digable Planets, lol.

  • Htownzchick

    HuH!!! That was my jam!!

  • Pedro* Capo status*


    say what?

  • christies' secrets

    oh that man has a voice! why they cant sing like that today!!

  • I Love Being Black (HOLD THE F*** UP!!!)

    Oooo…ooooo! Did I ever get in trouble from listening to H-Town! So sinful…lol

  • MKop

    Yeah this was most def my ish…still in rotation on the ipod….

  • Godsdivinegift

    pretty ricky’s remake sucked! this was back when r&b sounded good

  • Zee!

    *clears off her desk*
    Ohhhhhhhhhh Visantheeeeeeeee! lol kidding

    I love this song, another one is Lose Control by Silk

    *sings* gimme some good loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Vee

    This song was FIRE back in the day!! I liked their other hits too–‘Some Like It Slow’, and ‘Thin Line Between Love and Hate’. RIP to the one that’s no longer here.

  • Htownzchick

    Another great hit from Htown is “Emotions”

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    This song was cool, nothing disrespectful bout’ knocking the bootz!’

  • I Love Being Black (HOLD THE F*** UP!!!)


    Thanks for the idea! I’m ’bout to hit up Limewire…lol.

    Had some nostalgic moments recently. I downloaded Big Bub & Today, Chuckii Booker, Lo-Key (I Got a Thank For Ya), Men at Large, UNV, Intro (Come Inside, Let Me Be The One).

    YouTube is the ish!!!

  • money

    the main singer isn’t dead, his brother is

  • BlahBlah

    I miss this song and the other lead singer more than flat tops

  • Ms. Izzo

    Damn that brings back memories. RIP Dino.

  • Ms. Izzo

    H-Town was my absolute favorite.

  • T

    This is my ish! RIP Dino and happy belated B-Day Shazam and Dino!

    I heard Knocking Boots for Christmas this morning and lost it. H-Town is and will always be my favorite!

  • Pedro* Capo status*


    Nah dogg ill do it now do b

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