Ho Sit Down: Mitt ‘Money Bags’ Romney Says He’s ‘Villified” By Obama Campaign And Brags About His Days As A Frat Boy To Win Over Voters

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Mitt Romney Says He’s ‘Villified’ By Obama Campaign

Presidential campaign season is nearing the end and in case you hadn’t noticed,  Money Mitt and his GOP goons are going harder in the paint than ever before.

Despite badly trailing President Obama in terms of which candidate voters find more likable, Mitt Romney says he’s not going to try to win over people through personality.

“I know there are some people who do a very good job acting and pretend they’re something they’re not,” Romney told Politico in an article published Monday. “You get what you see. I am who I am.”

At the same time, Romney went back to his college days to show that people do like him.

““I was voted the president of my fraternity,” he said. “They don’t call them fraternities at Brigham Young University. They’re called Service Clubs. It was the Cougar Club. But you don’t get voted to be head of your group if you don’t get along with people, if you don’t connect with people.”

In speaking with Politico and USA Today on the eve of the convention, Romney continued to suggest the president has unfairly attacked him personally.

“I do think that the president’s campaign of personal vilification and demonization probably draws some people away from me,” Romney told USA Today.

When the paper pressed Romney on why he noted in a speech in Michigan last week that “no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate,” in what sounded like a nod to the false claims by some conservatives that the president was not born in the United States, Romney said he was simply being “human” and “spontaneous.”

Earlier on in this same speech, Mitt also made a reference to BET head honcho Debra Lee as a an example of success…….although he “couldn’t remember her name.” SMH.


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