Where is Kim Porter? Part 34-“He Loves Baby Oil All Over His Body”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

One of Diddy’s jump-offs is speaking to the press about their oiled-up sex life. ‘ Side-deal’ Nai Bacha also says that Diddy was hittin’ actress’ Sienna Miller, who was her competition, not a pregnant Kim Porter. According to UK’s Sunday Mirror:

“When we were in London we went to Boujis nightclub and he dropped £80,000 to £100,000 in one night. He buys the most expensive champagne and tequila for the whole club – he’s extremely generous. When we were at Paper, another London club, everybody was drinking champagne on him. He could spend £500,000 in one night and wouldn’t care.” After their first lovemaking session at his Toronto mansion, Nai and Diddy kept on meeting and the sex was more intense each time.

He always insisted she wore stiletto heels in the bedroom.

She says Sean knows how to take care of his lady. We had the most amazing sex ever. He loves baby oil all over his body. He’s the most amazing sensual lover I’ve ever had.”

In August, Kim Porter told OK! Magazine that Diddy and Sienna were ‘just friends’ (part 22) .

Well, we heard last week that someone sold the Crenshaw bridge to Kim Porter last week for $10,000.

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  • moxpoe1

    Kim Porter could start to look intelligent if she would just shutup and live her life.

    Er time she says sumthing about diddy as if she know if she ends up looking dumber than we thought she was from her last interview.

  • http://iisretired I Stay SMH

    The world is just kiss and tell

  • leah

    Well he is going to be in the Atl in a few weeks so I hope he plans on buying the whole club alcohol then.

  • Sarah

    @Negro Please i just agree with ya

  • Anonymous3

    poor girl, P. Doo Doo got her believing that he’s still relevant….who cares about him any of his jump off skanks??!!!

  • Geisha

    Yeah hes not the only celeb with girls in Toronto alot of rappers have women in Toronto! Especially a certain West Coast rapper with a family who was going to have a divoce but changed his mind he loves Toronto women as well and he loves spending money on them! SO wives pay attention to every detail and get a hidden account(pull a Shawnie Oneal) LOL

  • ray ray

    A capitalist is a capitalist. What makes you think a black capitalist is any better than a white one. I’d love to hear more about what some of these wealthy white Americans spend their money on.

    I’m not surprised at all that Diddy spends his money this way, but it is certainly not because he’s black.

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    Only one word describes this chick: HOOKER!!!

    I mean why is she talking now? Diddy won’t see her anymore? Or maybe she couldn’t get knocked up to collect funds for 18 years like Kim did…

    Or maybe Diddy paid her to speak to the media…Diddy the most sensual, amazing lover? BYTCH PLEAZE…go kill yo’self for even admitting you were a side-line hoe.

  • AND...


    exactly it’s more of what you deem to be valuable not that your ethnicity makes you spend your money a certain way. I personally don’t care for diddy. I support what he’s doing just not how he’s getting it done in regards to how he makes his money. As for his love life, I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  • http://www.viewparkonline.com Angie

    1. That woman is beautiful. I’ve never heard of her. I thought she would be too classy for Sean, but after reading what she said, she isn’t at all classy. She is mesmerized by his money spending, so she probably has nothing of her own. Those kind of women are easily impressed.

    2. Also, she needs to check the dictionary for the definition of generous. Spending all that money is not being generous. It’s showing off. He knows that no one would want anything to do with him if he wasn’t rich and he clearly knew how to get her attention.

  • lucky

    Diddy is what that is! Kim Porter just look stupider and stupider every time she opens her mouth

  • lala

    why would he want to get with sienna? course he does have a lot of “jump offs”

    i think diddy is soo average; it it weren’t for his $$$ he wouldn’t be a blip on the radar.

  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz
  • http://www.whoizjazz.com ms jazz

  • nan

    Ms. Jazz, I applaud your effort to go beyond the whole “I strip to pay the rent thing,” but you need to run spell check on your website. And I question the whole “exotic dancer” title. Your first photo made it clear what profession you are/were in… no need to spell it out. Best of luck to you though, most people only dream and wish you’ve taken action…

  • yo

    They’re all coming out of the wood work. First, Sarah Chapman and now this chick.

  • RU$$

    I like Diddy and I’ll give a Blackman benefit of the doubt, this series “where is Kim” makes him look bad and I think that’s the point of it, anyway Diddy’s done alot with his life and the sky is the limit and who here really knows what he does with his Money or will do in the future.

  • OH NO!

    Kim Porter, you might as well cut your wrists. Cause I KNOW that must hurt.

  • Mo'Ree

    *trows up a little* I KNOW kim wasn’t delusional enough to think that jump off #127 was the last one…get a life

  • whatever

    are we supposed to belive these lies from Nai Bacha?

    Puff Diddy looks gay to me.

  • Lila

    500,000 pounds is 1million dollars???I think someone’s looking for some publicity shine, I don’t imagine Diddy spending a million bucks on alcohol for the whole club.

  • Macho-in-Paris-France



  • Yes I Said It

    So Diddy’s a superlover, and a “generous” big spender, huh?Hmmm….It wouldn’t surprise me if Diddy paid this woman to plant this story to the media to try to enhance his image.

  • nuffsaid

    these tricks all need to learn what J Lo did – RUN!! she ain’t looked back since and he still singing songs about her.

  • anonymiss


    Bring it down a notch. Sienna Miller does not need Diddy to be famous. If she wanted to sleep with someone who could do things for her career, it sure wouldn’t be Sean Combs. Being Jude Law’s fiance did more for Sienna’s career than Diddy ever could. Same goes for Penelope Cruz. Like she really needed to sleep with Diddy so she could rep his ghetto fashion line, especially when she was modeling Ralph Lauren like the year before. Ok, tell me another one. Sienna is not Cassie or this Bacha chick. She does not need to be caught up in some rumor about being a hip-hop mogul’s “jump-off” to get movie roles and magazine covers. More like Diddy’s kissing Sienna’s ass cause he’s desperate to find someone to hock his whack ass perfume.

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