Epitome Of Bad Mothers: Two-Year-Old Toddler Found Wandering In Parking Lot With No Clothes On

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These Women shouldn’t be allowed to have anymore children! After employees found a toddler walking through the parking lot of a WaWa, they called Police. Luckily the little girl was able to point out where she lived.

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Captain Mike Harvey said a store employee brought the child inside and put clothes on her before police arrived.

The little girl then led officers to her home, which was located near the store.

Deputy Elizabeth Scott knocked for several minutes before someone finally opened the door. The two adults inside had been sleeping when Scott had arrived, according to Harvey, adding that once let in the deputy was immediately overcome by the stench of the property.

‘Deputy Scott entered the residence and immediately noticed a strong odor of rotten food and animal waste,’ he said. ‘Rotten food was found in and around the kitchen and animal waste was found in many areas of the residence.’

In addition to the two-year-old, there were seven other children living in squalor in the home, police said. The children, who were also found to be dirty, ranged in age from seven months to 16-years-old.

Lam and Craig were the only adults found living in the house. Both are charged with felony child neglect.

Police say Lam is the mother of five of the children and Craig is the mother of the other three. Each woman is being held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.

Detective Twyla DeMoranville, who focuses on crimes against children, and a social worker removed the eight children from the home. They were later turned over to their grandmothers. The children were unharmed, Harvey said.

Animal control officers removed four dogs, three puppies and two kittens from the house.
Lam was also slammed with charges of failing to maintain her premises in a sanitary condition and duties of a pet owner to provide food and water.

It’s one thing if you don’t mind living in filth but don’t have kids if your dirty azz can’t take care of them. Both women, Elizabeth Lam, 38, and Crystal Dawn Craig, 29, have been charged with child neglect.

Hope their Grandmothers take better care of them…but that’s questionable.

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