Would You Accept? Celebrities Offered TONS Of Money To Get Freaky On Camera

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Celebrities Offered Money To Make Adult Movies

When the checks stop coming in, people tend to get desperate. They may hoe around, strip or move those all white bricks. Celebrities always have a good out, though. Whenever money gets low, the adult film industry comes out of the woodwork to offer millions to get buck and freaky on camera.

dug up a few names and here are some celebrities offered money to bust it open on screen.

Prince Harry – Vivid Entertainment offered him $10 million to do a scene after his Vegas shenanigans.

Casey Anthony – She was offered $1 million to make a video. Anyone surprised she said no?

Sarah Palin – She was offered $2 Million to make a MILF film. She declined, but we bet Glen Rice has some footage somewhere.

Susan Boyle – Kick A$$ films offered her a million to lose her virginity on film. Now, would you have bought that?

Pippa Middleton – Vivid offered her $5 million to bust it open.

Chad Johnson – He was offered $100K to do a scene. Now that he’s fired, he may consider it.

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    Octomom – She got a million bucks to finger pop herself on camera. Did you actually watch?

    Ashley Dupre – Eliot Spitzer’s favorite hooker was offered to do a scene, but she declined. She’s classy.

    Drake and Chris Brown –
    They’ve been offered to mix it up and get all greasy together on camera for $10 million. Oh, they’re talking about fighting? Tomato, tom-ah-to.

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