Makin’ It Rain On Them Hoes: The Top 20 Places To Live AND Get Paid

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Tired of livin’ at the crib broke as hell wit no job? Check out these places to live that offer the best cost of living!

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#1 Provo, Utah

So apparently the kids at BYU not only know how to party but who would have thought the school helps keep the economy afloat?

#2 Raleigh, N,C,

S/O to Raleigh for the come up, although aint much in Carolina BUT the jobs! But seriously Raleigh has been on the come up for the last decade. Go inject some color into that economy and make some money!

#3 Fort Collins, CO

While you may have never heard of this place, Fort Collins boasts a 46% educated workforce. Basically, if you got a degree its bout time for you to pack yo stuff and get paid with the other white folks.

#4 Des Moines, IA

For all our financial people, Des Moines got on the bus and brought A LOT of overseas financial firms to Iowa. You aint going to have nothin’ to do in terms of a nightlife but at least you know yo rent will be paid.

#5 Denver, CO

The leading place for aerospace! Some of the biggest damn Fortune 5s in the country; Lockheed, Boeing, AND Grumman! Wonder if their taking applications for flight dummies??

#6 Ogden, UT

Is it cold…. Hell yeah, but P&G opened its first US manufacturing plant in 30 years! So, its safe to assume its pretty easy to cop a job and start a side hustle in town…. Maybe a Rosco’s!

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    #7 Lincoln, NE

    There is only one thing that needs to be said….. LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN THE COUNTRY! Nuff said

    #8 Dallas, TX

    Although its hot as the deepest pits of hell, Dallas has the 2nd best Gross metro product rate in the country! Now if only some of that capitol could be used to convince Jerry Jones to get a new QB!

    #9 Austin, TX

    Apparently the fastest growing economy due to the 70 colleges in a 200 mile radius!

    #10 Nashville, TN

    So besides being home to some of the best damn whiskey on EARTH, Nashville houses some of the larger car companies in the country!

    #11 Omaha, NE

    The home of some of the biggest financial firms in the US. Now the black people per capita number… thats a WHOLE nother question.

    #12 Oklahoma City, OK

    Besides the GREATNESS that is Kevin Durant, OKC has employers to spare! From At&t to Devon Energy.

    #13 San Antonio, TX

    In short more than half of the trade between the US and Mexico flows through San Antonio. Wonder if that means that “other” trade is heavy through there as well… ‘shrugs’

    #14 Durham, N.C.

    One of the largest research and development science parks in the world. But whatever you do.. Please, Please avoid the cops in that area! They aint too fond of coloreds!

    #15 Fort Worth, TX

    Damn Tx has been on the list a few times! They CLEARLY are doing something right with the money!

    #16 Seattle, WA

    If you’re in IT and can stand the terrible gloomy weather than Seattle is the place for you. Home to some of the biggest AND best companies in the U.S. From Microsoft to Amazon

    #17 Asheville, N.C.

    …… Ummm don’t have much to say but… its small?!

    #18 Charlotte, N.C.

    Home to the WORST basketball team EVER! At least if you move here your job will keep you satisfied, well that and Cam Newton!

    #19 Fayetteville, AR

    Why… because your favorite, friendly local conglomerate boosts the neighborhood income. Fayetteville gets to claim Walmart headquarters to its domestic operations.

    #20 Houston, Tx

    We can only guess that Paul Wall and Mike Jones’ hustlin all those years helped catapult the Houston economy all these many years later!

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