Happy Birthday MJ: Can You Guess The Connections Between These Celebs And The King Of Pop?

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How These Celebrities Knew Michael Jackson

The term “six degrees of separation” in Hollyweird terms often seems almost non-existent at times.

Everytime we turn around, a new couple or new pair of BFFs are popping up and revealing to have known each other for ages.

Michael Jackson was undoubtly a huge influence across all facets of entertainment and yet somehow in all of his superstar-dom, he seemed to know any and everyone….with a few random close connections that we never would’ve suspected.

See if you can correctly guess which celeb is associated with MJ before peeping the pics being the page numbers:

#3 Was rumored to have had an affair with an R&B banger who was also on his record label.
#4 Is the former best friend of a prominent “socialite” and MJ’s goddaughter
#5 Was at the forefront of one of the most memorable scandals in political history
#8 Is known for her ratchet behavior

If you didn’t get them all correct, don’t worry, youuuu are nooot alone.

Check out a few more celebs and their surprising connections to the King of Pop when you hit the flip.

Brooke Shields

Brooke and Michael dated in the early 90’s  and remained close friends up until his death.

Irv Gotti

Michael went to bat for Irv against music industry heavyweight Tommy Mottola over a racial slur. Irv also worked with MJ as a producer on music that has yet to be released.

Nicole Richie

Nicole is Michael’s goddaughter and daughter of his good friend Lionel Richie.

Bill Clinton

Michael spoke at Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball after he was elected President.

Kim Kardashian

Kim was the first girlfriend of Michael’s nephew TJ who is the son of Michael’s brother Tito. She even reportedly had her 14th birthday party at MJ’s house.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie was featured in Michael’s “Remember The Time” video and the two even did a song together while remaining friends throughout MJs career.

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    Naomi Campbell
    Naomi was featured in MJ’s steamy ‘Keep It In The Closet’ video at the peak of both of their careers.

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