Jesus Take The Wheel: Manhattan Granny ‘Mama Dot’ Admits She Helped Run Her Sons $1M Drug Ring

- By Bossip Staff

You’ve got to be kidding. Grandmother and President of the Co-Op Board–72-year-old Doris Smith confessed to helping her daughter and son-in-law run their $1 million-a-year drug ring!

She used her co-op as a stash house for PCP, rocks, and heroin.

The family matriarch—known among her drug pals as “Mama Dot”—was twice caught on wiretaps warning the son-in-law, gang kingpin Lamont (Big Bro) Moultrie, 42, that cops were inside the building at 101 W. 115th St.

“I’ve listened to the wiretaps,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin told Smith’s attorney. “Your client was quite involved. She knew what was going on, and tried to deflect the police.”

The short, heavyset grandmother of seven — and great-grandmother of one — pushed up her eyeglasses to wipe away tears while admitting her pivotal role in the lucrative dope-peddling business. Smith, as co-op board president, held a key to the basement and a vacant third-floor apartment next door to where she lived with her daughter Nicole McNair Moultrie and son-in-law Lamont. The basement of the six-story building was used to store hundreds of heroin-filled packets and dozens of plastic bags loaded with dope.

The heroin was marketed under the brand name “24,” and a stamp with that number was kept downstairs.

The upstairs apartment served as the heart of the PCP trade, with gang underlings dipping spearmint leaves into 5-gallon cans of the liquid drug.

The angel dust-laced leaves were then sold for $10 apiece by dealers at three open-air Harlem drug markets — earning the gang its nickname, the “Kings of Dust.”

Lamont Moultrie and his kid brother Bernard (Little Bro) Moultrie, 39, were charged as the heads of the drug gang and are awaiting trial under the state’s “Drug Kingpin” statute.

Such a shame…Doris is a retired nurse who walks with the aid of a cane. Her 11-year-old grandson, and son of daughter Nicole, also lived in the apartment.

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