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Texas Man Blames Male Enhancement Pills For Breaking His Member

A Texas man claims a supplement promising to increase sexual pleasure caused him excruciating pain during intercourse — so great that his Johnson allegedly fractured, squirted blood and required an operation that messed with his manhood, according to a lawsuit.

The Aug. 27 complaint said Adrian Carter, 29, experienced “significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his Johnson onto the sheets, walls and mirror” during a Houston motel romp last year, reported Thursday.

The nightmarish scenario apparently wasn’t over: He went to an emergency room where doctors decided to “deglove” his Johnson— wherein the skin was removed to repair the urethra because it had “separated completely,” the suit said.

Following surgery, he had to urinate using a catheter and was warned by doctors that he may never have an erection again or father children, Courthouse News Service reported.

The suit faults the maker of VirilisPro, the “all natural” supplement that Carter said he took before meeting his “paramour.”

VirilisPro’s website says it increases sexual performance and “penile hardness,” lasting for up to three days.

The product — which retails for $59.99 a bottle — is made “with only natural ingredients to prevent harmful side effects,” according to its manufacturer.

Well dammit, we’d argue that breaking your main vein is a pretty harmful side effect!

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