Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez, Plus 1

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LaLa discusses the living situation and raising her son with Carmelo Anthony:

“I love my home and I’m happy here, but it gets a little overwhelming when it comes to decorating,” says LaLa. “At night, when I’m home by myself, this big house gets kind of scary and I lock me and my son in my room.” Although there are six bedrooms-one of which is reserved for Anthony’s clothes-it’s the couple’s private quarters that LaLa considers her safe haven; she uses candles to create a serene ambiance.

The couple entertains their guests with a nine-seater home theater and a pool table in the basement. Down below is also a wine cellar, where Anthony loves to hang out. There’s also one room reserved only for her fiancé’s sneakers.

One would expect to see maids running the household, but LaLa says, contrary to popular belief, she’s pretty domesticated. “I clean my own house. I don’t wait for the maid to come,” she says. “And I cook for my family. It might not be a ten-course meal, but I have my specialties like mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken and my world-famous lasagna.”

Awww….that little fella is a cutie pie and we sure love to see this kind of activity from young people. Well, LaLa does kind of have Melo by half a decade, but whatever. Good for them.

More pics below.

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    am i first on my mans post?

  • kahmmillion

    Will he ever marry her?

  • DaddyO


  • Tell

    such a cute couple…I wander the same…will he marry her?


    awww Melo you got you a good wifey, the dj from BET done came up…..

  • coco

    1st cute

  • Nam



    dont worry about being married La…he taking care of you and yall baby and you livin good..why rock da boat.

  • noni

    They’re a beautiful family. I wish that he would marry her and do what’s right.

  • UKnoWhoIAm

    I was thinking the same thing kahm. Why is Essence glorifying the baby mamahood and baby daddy hood. I ain’t judging because it appears to be working for them, but to do a feature story..c’mon!

  • di-my-e

    cute family

  • JOEY B (santa claus asked congress for bailout money)

    i hope carmelo dont go out like kobe

  • Man, I just don't care


    What’s up? Did you see your “man” had a good game last night? 33 points in one quarter. Tied the all time NBA record. I thought of you when I saw that.

  • Raquel26


    I agree. He does have a really good “girlfriend”. lol I hate the word “wifey”. Its like you’re playing house.

    Anyway…he probably doesnt recognize what he has though. You know men….they are always seeking something else, something better. They cant be happy with a good woman. Hopefully he will marry her and make her a WIFE for real and stop playing games. Thats the reason most men dont get mattied is because they want to keep options open and it makes it easier to leave when you’re not tied down.

    No wonder marriage is like saying “razor and penis” in the same sentence to a man. They freak the f_ck out!

  • Aunt Viv

    Lil’ man is so cute!

  • Raquel26

    *married….dayum, can I spell today??????

  • Nina Knows

    Whut up Purpple, you been M.I.A. homegirl!

    They seem to have a nice family. Nice home. Nice Life.

  • PURPPLE man i didn’t see that but if you thought of me when you was watching my man play im honored.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    What fcukin nationality are they and why isn’t N. UNDERWOO in the top 10?


    Good for Melo:

    He is a perfect example of a good man and that a good man does not need to be married to be a good father to his child.. I have always felt like when people say a man HAS to get married to be a good father it’s as if giving him a pass NOT to be a good father just because he is not married.. There is too much giving the black male an excuse to abandon his children within our race.. It’s time to stop that and hold all black fathers accountable to how they raise their children…

  • Nyah Molineaux

    That is a cute family picture, god bless them all.

  • Re

    Good job! I like seeing families together…


    lol Raquel i feel you,

    Im thinking some people over think this marriage thing though cause alot of times when a man is a good man and he feel like he got his options open alot of time he doesn’t take them. So yeah being married by law scares alot of black men(thats all i know so thats what ill talk about) but they will be with you and take care of you and a lot of times be good to you without being married. If he’s doing that I dont think itll ever make a difference if they get married as long as they both are happy. if they do…heh, good for them but marriage starts before you to court or sign a piece of paper that says your married. Marriage is a state of mind.


    O Shyt go head SMDH, a post i can 100% cosign from you today.

  • Rottielover

    I agree with you UKnoWhoIAm—what they do is their business, but do we have to glorify that fact that he has not committed to the “family” that he has created– I’m sure she’d say “YES!” get a prenup and be done with it-stop playing Melo!

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