Epitome Of A Bad Father: Disabled Dad Douses 50 Year-Old Daughter With Acid Until Her “Face Melted Off Like Wax”

- By Bossip Staff


A wheelchair-bound man who claimed his daughter had been abusing him doused her with acid Saturday, a savage attack in Brooklyn that caused the skin to peel from her face, cops and witnesses said.

Darlene Lynch, 49, sprinted from her Schenck Ave. apartment about 1:40 p.m. Her skin and clothes were smoking. She was screaming for help.

“My father did this!” Lynch wailed as her clothes disintegrated off of her body, leaving her nearly naked in the street.
Neighbors at the Boulevard Houses in East New York looked on in disbelief.

“You could see the smoke coming off her body,” Clarissa Shakespeare said. “Everyone was just traumatized and scared. Her skin looked like melting wax. And then her whole eye lid was melted. The whole left side from her face all the way down to her feet.”

Sources said the victim’s dad, Jerome Lynch, 69, splashed his daughter with a drain cleaner, El Diablo — which is 98% sulfuric acid.

SMH!!! Poor girl! Clearly this man is out of his damn mind, lock him up!


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