Never Ending Shade: Texas Residents Say This Billboard Calls For President Obama’s Death…Do You Agree?

- By Bossip Staff

Take a closer look and judge for yourself…

Secret Service Investigating Billboard Calling For President Obama’s Death

The GOP and their supporters have really been pushing the limit lately with the anti-Obama smear tactics, but this billboard in Texas may just be the last straw.

A billboard sign in Victoria, Texas had drawn an investigation by the Secret Service.

The controversial sign seems harmless at a glance because it says, “Pray for Obama” and then quotes a scripture,Psalms 109:8., but it is the scripture that has caused an uproar.

Psalms 109:8 reads, “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.”

The man behind the sign, Milton Neitsch Jr., says that he did not think that people would notice that the sign was calling for the President’s life to end soon. He must have assumed the people of Victoria, Texas did not know the scriptures.

Many people are calling the sign hateful and inappropriate and they say that it is using the holy scriptures in the wrong way. Many people are also demanding that the sign must come down.

Neitsch claims that he saw an e-mail from one of his buddies that called for the President’s days to “be few” and decided to pay for it to go on a billboard on North Navarro Street in Victoria, Texas.

The fact that the Secret Services is taking the time to look into this certainly all but confirms the intent of the message, but some feel that the scripture in question was included to reference President Obama’s days in office being numbered rather than his days on earth.


Do you buy it?


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