Keep Your Days Jobs: 14 NBA Ballers Including Lamar Odom Set To Release “Full Court Press Vol. 1” Rap Album

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Please for the love of our ears…

14 NBA Players Contribute To Full Court Press Vol. 1 Rap Album

If there is one thing NBA players love more than playing basketball, it’s thinking they can release a viable rap album.

There is a video floating around with a great deal of both good and bad news. As always, we delve into the bad first.

It’s as simple as NBA stars heading into a recording studio armed with years of basketball training—hardly the correct weaponry to spit rhymes.

Yes, some are quite good at the rap game. I will include Stephen Jackson on this short list. But there have also been far too many misses along the way.

Not that any of that matters, because in the end, you will be rooting for this album—entitled Full Court Press: Volume 1—to succeed.

Slam Online has a little more information on an upcoming album featuring 14 NBA stars and hip-hop veterans like “Rick Ross, Trina, Snoop Dogg, Birdman, The Game, Twista, T-Pain and others.”

All proceeds from the album, which has a tentative release date of All-Star Weekend in February 2013, will benefit children in the community looking to receive education in the music business.

For the record some of the other ballers trying their damndest to rap spitting hot bars of fire will be Juwan Howard, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom, Carlos Boozer, Glen Davis, Shawn Marion, Josh Smith and others.

Peep the preview below.

We agree that this album could raise money for the kids and that is a good thing, but if it sucks it might just convince them to quit music and go to college!

Take a look at some of the other ballers that made terrible attempts at stepping behind the mic on the flipside.

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Kobe Bryant

Acronym song title of your name AND it “features” Tyra Banks? Stop it slime…

Jason Kidd

Again, ballers with their names in the title are pretty much guaranteeing an “L”. Jason entitled his ’94 rap debut was named “What The Kidd Did”…yup.

Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest

MC Metta World Peace y’all…

Chris Webber

C-Webb’s video for “Gangsta, Gangsta” featuring Kurupt was so not gangsta…

Steve Francis

Steve’s NBA career never really reached it’s full potential, fortunately, neither did his rap career.

Gary Payton

The player nicknamed “The Glove” never really got a handle on what to do on the mic, as evidenced by his track “Living Legal and Large”

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    Kevin Durant

    Kev is a helluva baller, but everything ain’t for everybody.

    Tony Parker

    Tony’s rapping sucks. Even though it’s in French and we’re not sure what he is saying, clearly, he sucks. Somehow he managed to get Fabolous on a record with him.

    Wonder how much THAT costed him…

    With that receding and oft-colored hairline Carlos should keep himself out of the lyrical battles.

    Marquis Daniels

    Daniels is not only a bad rapper, he has terrible jewelry of his own head as well.

    Look at this tomfoolery

    God bless him…

    Shaquille O’Neal

    Shaq it CLEARLY the most successful baller/rapper, that’s not to say that he was a great one, but his career gave us this song with the late, great, Christopher Wallace. So we’ll give him a pass…

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