For Discussion: Study Shows Blacks Are More Likely To Agree Morally With Republican Views, Will You Be Voting For The GOP???

- By Bossip Staff

Nicki might not be the only Black Republican.

A December 2010 Gallup Poll pointed out that blacks are conservative on most moral issues, almost as conservative as Republicans. The following are some of the ideas that make blacks as conservative as Republicans on social issues:

1. 31% of blacks said that homosexuality is morally acceptable while 30% of Republicans said the same. 61% of non-black Democrats agreed that homosexuality is morally acceptable.

2. 46% of both blacks and Republicans believe that sex between an unmarried male and female is morally acceptable as opposed to 68% of non-black Democrats.

3. 37% of blacks said that abortion is morally acceptable and 25% of Republicans agreed with them. 54% of non-black Democrats agreed that abortion is morally acceptable.

4. 30% of blacks agreed that same sex marriages should be recognized by law as valid, 22% of Republicans concurred. 57% of non-black Democrats also agreed.

Overall, blacks are more closely aligned with Republicans morally verses their non-black Democratic counterparts. Furthermore, blacks are more religious and go to church more often than either Republicans or non-black Democrats. In church attendance 76% of blacks attend weekly services and 67% of Republicans attend weekly.

The elections are upon us again, will blacks still support the Democrats and President Obama? If Blacks never vote for Republicans, why would they ever listen to our concerns? Also, if we always vote for Democrats no matter if they fulfill their promises or not, why should they listen? See the paradox?

Maybe this is the time for us to consider a change? Ehhhhh, we don’t know about all that.


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