Real Housewives NeNe Leakes is Broke

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

NeNe’s hubby, Greg Leakes, is on the lam from everybody right now and owes the IRS , among other people:

Looks like  NeNe is up to her old tricks again. We don’t think they are “lint pocket” broke, but she should have realized that when you are put in the spotlight, all bets are off as far as your personal business goes. Gotta get your, Ducks, in a row NeNe. SMH @ The Leakes household.


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  • Aunt Viv


  • http://comcast Malcom

    The white broad probably, has more common sense than the sistas..

  • Re


  • da darkness

    they all are tranny’s except the two on the right. They’re celebs, really! America’s a third world country I said

  • da darkness

    a few look like they were in the KFC sink. that stories so disgusting. white gals leave them alone, and if you do get one wear the jimmy.

  • Re


  • BlackLADYDoctor

    I hope things turn around for Nene and her family, because I wouldn’t wish the IRS or homelessness on anyone.

    the only one who should wear sleeveless tops on that stage is Sheree and the asian black lady. everyone else should…cover up those ham hocks.

  • The_Truth

    ***I wish they disected EVERY “reality” show the way they’ve done this one.


    3) Discredits blacks into “wanna-be’s”

    2) No reason to take black affluence seriously.

    1) Make viwers think twice when they see wealthy African-americans. . .because they’re use to seeing the “hood” as our REAL reality!

    -Wakeup dummies.

  • Princess Moon

    They probably still got more money then me! lol

    I kind of new that the house they lived in wasn’t there, there were no decorations or furniture or anything.

    Isn’t it very interesting that the folks on the I-team and the people they interview are white?

    There is one housewife they won’t be checking for and thats my girl Deshawn. NBA checks are guarenteed baby!

  • Nyah Molineaux

    The truly wealthy does not have the need to flash their riches, in fact, many of them do not.

    These ladies and this show is a disgrace.


    You are right on The_TRUTH

    Same as BET and other media outlets choosing to focus on crime in Chicago all of a sudden. They are trying to discredit Obama b/c he is Black and from the murder capital….

    When Chicago was the murder cap 3yrs ago nobody cared. Its about making HIM and ALL blacks look bad. People need to look beyond the surface and receive EVERYTHING the media tells us.


    I meant *NOT* RECEIVE

  • val

    People like Nene need to be called on their BS. This woman behaved like an immature, ghetto rat on the show. She had so many negative things to say about other people. Even before the truth was revealed, it was obvious how insecure she was. She needed to put others down (especially Sheree) to feel better about herself. Well Nene, karma’s a bit#@ isn’t it. Maybe now you will learn to think before you speak. Sheree tends to also brag too much but at least she has some class. As a professional black woman I am offended by Bravo’s decision to even put someone like Nene on the show. Yet another attempt to display negative sterotypes on nat’l TV. Nene, pick up what remains of your fowl life and fade to black! Buh bye.

  • Caramellatte

    What is the big damn deal, I don’t understand why they are going so hard on the them…Good gracious…oh well, We still love ya Ne-Ne!

  • Z

    Did the white housewives of the OC and NYC go through this much scrutiny? I think some people in society are still just uncomfortable with seeing black women MARRIED, being cherished, and living comfortable lives.

  • Lee lee

    Wow…a black family they do mad investigation, those other white broads in CA and NY you never heard anything about….typical

  • corey

    girl we still love you

  • Spcl0ne2

    They chose NeNe because she made good TV. Poor thing probably doesn’t act quite that ghetto in real life but I bet she played it up to be in the spotlight all the time. Notice how Deshawn was quiet during the reunion show and she barely got any airtime. They put her on the end of the sofa and put Kim and NeNe front and center in hopes to create some drama. This stuff is contrived and that is the reason why real classy wealthy people would never subject themselves or their family to this mess.


    i STiLL L0VE HER….

  • No one is above this recession!

    I thought everybody pocket was feeling it right now. Some more than others I understand that, but they putting her on blast cause she was hollin on the show. Supposed to be some damn where working.

  • My fox Atlanta some haters

    The video didn’t work for me at first

  • Black Beauty

    I really liked NeNe, how sad. What you do in the dark damn sure comes out in the light, how embarrassing. This show was a joke.

  • Linda G

    All those ATL brokeass in real life posers need to be talked about. Not one husband works. They designer name drop all day long and talk about each other behind their backs. Just foolishness at it’s finest. Sheree yo husband is a broke ass so you can forget that 6 figure settlement. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • The Sane One

    No point in defending her. The whole reason they put her on to begin is to keep us looking classless. MONEY doesn’t buy class and it’s obvious she didn’t even have cake.

  • Tameka


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