Bill Bellamy and Family on the Cover of Baby Couture

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

What are the chances this cat gets on the cover without being a swirl offender and slapping a few of those corny ass white people jokes on top for good measure? The little biddies are crazy cute, though.

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  • Black Beauty

    That’s the only reason that he made the cover. SMH

  • Princess Moon

    those kids are cute.

  • moi

    I thought she was Black.

  • Michelle

    Wow- somehow I am surprised.

  • kahmmillion

    Black men, black men, black men….(that’s all I have to say) SMDH

  • Southern L.A. Gal

    @ Michelle
    2nd that.
    I had no idea he was with a white girl.
    His family is cute.

  • http://comcast rudy franklin

    The white woman is so much more interesting than that other race…

  • http://comcast rudy franklin

    Black women have too much baggage, too many problems, too selfish, too much into Flavor of Love, too many baby daddies..

  • Lady Architect (Everyone suddenly thinks Architect means instant millions? Those Xmas lists are in the trash!)

    I thought his wife was black? She’s just light skinned.

  • Britt


  • ...YUP!

    aww look at the babies …too cute!

    cute family!

  • moi

    I *promise* most of you are retarded

  • arionie

    his wife looks mixed didnt even know he was married

  • Megatron

    How long will it be before Beyonce cheats on Jay?Hmm………..

  • blaq

    Damn, his wife is not white, she doesn’t even look white, this is very insulting.

  • Shawn08

    She is black.

  • cosign

    She’s black you guys.

  • nina prb

    can you imagine what beyonce and jay z’s kids will look like? HAVE MERCY!! lol

  • CC

    I’m not saying that white women are more attractive than black women, but I live in a black community therefore I see more black women than white ones, but I ride the NYC subway everyday, and 3 out of 5 black women on the train are overweight, tumbling out of their clothes, wearing weaves with plastic-like textures and clothing 2 sizes too small. Would it kill them to skip a meal or excercise?

    Obesity is a problem in our community.

    Ironically, the “sistahs” with natural hair and chocolate skin, are usually the ones that are height and size proportioned and I think they’re beautiful.

    I couldn’t care less about white chicks, but I do care about my black community, and less is more should apply more often in my Brooklyn neighborhood.

  • Belle


  • http://comcast Malcom

    I think that the black celebs, are thinking that white women make cuter babies..

  • http://comcast dre.

    Black women are just plain ignorant, they don’t understand why they are the last woman picked…

  • 007

    all you morons and ignorant fools, his wife is biracial (black/white).

  • Kia

    Yep 007 and 1% makes her black. She is black just like our pres.

  • http://comcast gracefulness

    She looks white to me… I just don’t think that he would mess with a black woman, he isn’t foolish, that could possibly end his career… You know what they say, once you go black, you fall off track.. And a black woman could’nt not have possibly made such cute kids.

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