Jet Magazine Cover: Beyonce

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Yeah, it’s a loose fitting outfit, but it sure as hell looks like Beyonce has a belly poking out of that thang, baby in it or not. Take off your “stan glasses” for a moment and speak your piece as to whether this chick’s stomach is on swole.

More pics of Bey leaving her hotel to tape Star Academy in Paris up under the hood…

Images via WENN and Splash

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  • Holla

    Beauty of a “lifetime” nottheweek is on the Front Cover…

  • CGJ

    This is just a color shot of a promo photo she took for the release of her CD, hence, it’s OLD. My stomach is swole today today – it’s called PMS and water weight gain.

  • serene

    don’t care…tired of dis chic already

  • Jamela Bullock

    i dont see a tummy

  • locof color

    she is not pregnant. leave that girl alone

  • moi

    ok, and?

  • noelle

    Y is she holding her lace front?? must be windy in Paris

  • zappy

    This just confirms my overexposure comment from yesterday, Anyway, let me deal with current issue at hand.

    Yes, she looks pregnant in the JET magazine picture. However, you guys had a picture of her at some Kennedy Awards in a tight dress over the weekend where she didn’t look pregnant.

    I have always maintained that Beyonce has been pregnant in the past (at least twice over the last year), but keeps having a miscarraige,

    P.S. I hope Jeniffer Hudosn and not Beyonce gets to sing at the inauguration. This girl is getting as overexposed as JLO, who no one misses.

  • grendel

    Doesn’t everyone eventually get to do a cover of Jet?

  • Tisha

    Nice Cover

  • da darkness

    this sure is a better look than last weeks. Jet they sometime do the damn ting.

  • Soulwriter

    Looks like my 2-year-old will have kids before she will—I betchu’ she’ll pull a Jenifer Aniston first (promise to have kids, then schedule back-to-back-to-back projects to make it impossible)…..

  • pm

    I wish i would see that coming out the ocean

  • Angel B -310 Compton

    she should have a BABY…. that would be nice… also I though she had a ring (tattooed) on her left HAND..I dont see it.



  • Pride

    Sick of looking at her is there any thing else exciting what about Kanye West what has he been crying about?

  • Roe ski Love

    Beyonce is not preggers, its just that time of the month and she is a little bloated.

  • Tealeaf

    What other side..she needs to go away for about 1yr

  • mzsweetface

    OMG! Enough of her! I am a fan but I don’t need to see her THIS much.

  • mzsweetface

    Can we get another Khia post instead? That would be more entertaining.

  • nina prb

    her stomach is uber flat! leave the girl alone, and where is my boo akeys?!

  • slimpickens

    This is a gorgeous nice lady. She has tons of stash and does not see the need to flaunt it. Go girl!!


    I love me soooo much!!!

  • DiamondDomi

    Who cares if she is pregnant? Leave her alone!

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