Dirty Dog Diaries: NBA Baller Javale McGee Put On Blast By Web Vixen Ayana Marie Over Online Encounter Gone Wrong

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Here’s another one for the athletes & hoes files…

Our homie at BlackSportsOnline published this “groupie confession” from an online model who got chopped down and chewed out by Denver Nuggets baller Javele McGee. Check it out below:

I know any time a woman says that she never has dated an athlete and she isn’t that type of woman it throws up all types of red flags.

I am not going to say that.

I have had athletes trying to get with me since I was 18 years old and although I had never been intimate with one, I have dated rappers and high profile people in the past.

I have been in WSHH videos and some may consider me a Vixen, but all I ask is that you listen to my story, because it isn’t about exposing, it is about possibly helping someone in the future.

I developed a friendship with Denver Nuggets center Javele McGee.

It started like I assume most friendships start between athletes and women these days via Twitter. This wasn’t unusual I have a lot of athletes DMing me and most of the time I just ignore them, but he persisted and eventually DMs turned into texts, texts turned into Skype sessions.

I felt sort of sorry for him because people say he isn’t the brightest guy and would talk about how lack of basketball skills on the court. It may not hurt his feelings, but as my friend, I felt for him.

I saw a more human side of him and honestly people have made fun of me in the past, so I understood what he was going through and we had that in common. He’d say very sweet things, even made a picture of me once. I have confided in him, trusted him with personal information etc.

Me and my grandmother would pray for him to have good games, we even Skyped once while my mother was room singing for us and in general we were getting along. He would text or Skype right after games to tell me how he was feeling. It was really sweet. If he’d go out to a club, I’d would try to make sure he was safe returning home, had a designated driver and etc. I work a lot and long hours so trying to stay up was not an easy feat and although he didn’t ask, I cared enough to do it. Just because a person has money does not always mean they have a driver when going out.

He would ask me constantly to see him, but I declined mostly because of work, but also because I was leery because “groupie tales,” I read.

Ironically me and Javele laughed at a couple of groupie stories on BlackSportsOnline. One about a girl going to Vegas and getting arrested and another about a girl just who was flown out and just got Salisbury steak.

Javele said we would never be like that, but that was obviously a lie.

After 5 months I finally agreed to meet him on August 8th. I waited that long to be sure that he wasn’t just looking for a jumpoff. I also thought this was a big deal for him because according to Javale he doesn’t fly “b!tches,” out in the offseason.

My flight was delayed, so I got there late, I was hoping to have some time to chill, but as soon as we got inside the room he wanted to sex.

Eventually, we did have sex and I sort of understood since he had waited 5 months to see me, but he immediately started acting odd.

He decided to sleep on the couch instead of the bed with me.

He also said he had practice early in the morning and when I awoke he was already gone.

He came back midday, once again said he was tired and was going to take a nap. That was fine I went to take a walk, but to my surprise while I was walking around I see him outside walking as well.

When I got back to the room he had bought Chipotle for himself and none for me. Petty as it may seem, it’s the little things that count. Once again I thought his behavior was cold, but I was really trying hard to make this work, even though he was acting like he didn’t really want anything to do with me.

He claimed he had to go to practice again and that he would be back later. Again, I was left in the room with nothing to do but wait on him.

When he came back he wanted to have sex again and I agreed, I assumed after that since he hadn’t taken me out all day we would go to the movies or do something besides just having sex.

Again I was wrong.

He said he was “tired” again and didn’t want to go out, instead he went to get a haircut, by then I was starting to see the writing on the wall and left the room.

I was invited to a party, but I wanted to go out with Javele so I went back upstairs to try one more time. He noticed my outfit, but still did not want to go out because, “It was too hot.”

At this point I was getting more annoyed and he still refused to go anywhere outside with me. I asked him, ” Why didn’t you just get an “pro”?” I told him that wasn’t why I came and we shouldn’t communicate anymore because I am not a jumpoff.

He obviously didn’t want to deal with me anymore at that point, told me he was getting me my own room and that most athletes would just kick me out. He called downstairs and got me a room that would ready in 15 minutes. I even had to demand that he see me to my room.

At this point I acknowledged I could have expressed my disappointment with him in a less argumentative way, I felt bad about the fight so I apologized to him and had sex with him again- which was stupid.

In retrospect that probably did make me look like I was ok with just having sex and being treated a certain way. I admit to that.

The reason I say that is because when I went back home, I never got a good bye text or a call to make sure I made it home safely. My birthday was the next day and I heard nothing from him.

I became one of the girls from the groupie tales.

For 5 months Javale Mcgee and I were friends. I really cared about him, but in 3 days he showed his true colors.

I definitely have zero desire to ever be with a professional athlete again. It’s not worth it. I was a very good friend to Javale and he was a complete jerk. We were strictly friends, he never stated he wanted a relationship, nor did I, but friends don’t treat friends like trash. Had he been honest and not acted like he cared about me for the last 5 months then there would be no story but he didn’t. I was strictly sex to him. As a woman, I rather have been treated this way by someone who I didn’t consider a friend as oppose to a person I did. He tried to make the argument that he’s never even called a woman a b!tch to her face before but he refers to woman as b!tches all the time and every time he did I’d correct him. He didn’t have to say anything disrespectful to be deemed disrespectful; it was all in his actions.

Hopefully my story will help other women think harder about being flown out by not just athletes but anyone. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world and get dismissed after they’ve gotten what they want and remember they make money from playing a game but the games don’t necessarily stop once the buzzer sounds.

Not worth it.

LOL @ her saying after they had sex she sorta understood why he waited 5 months to see her. SMH. This dude is an NBA center and it sounds like he’s coming up short!

This is pretty sad but we thought some of you thirsty hoes looking to become “Basketball Wives” might learn something from reading it. The homie Robert Littal had some pretty amusing commentary on the story too so you can read that HERE if you’re into that kind of thing.

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