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Evelyn Lozada Opens Up About Her Domestic Violence Incident With Chad Johnson

Via RadarOnline

After sticking to her vow of silence following the domestic assault attack at the hands of estranged husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Evelyn Lozada is finally opening up and dishing on the details of the violent night that sparked the downward spiral of her marriage.

The evening of August 11 started off normal for the newlyweds who had only walked down the aisle 41 days earlier, “I was going to cook dinner: salmon, mashed potatoes and a tomato mozzarella salad,” the Basketball Wives star told People magazine as she recalled the short-lived domestic bliss. But while unloading the grocery bags, she was stunned to discover a receipt for condoms purchased not long after they were married.

“I’m not naive,” said the tough-talking 37-year-old. “I didn’t think he was going to be perfect, but three weeks after we were married? I felt like he was not even trying.”

Evelyn wasted no time and demanded a divorce that evening, which is when Chad allegedly flew into a rage, grabbed her face and head-butted her in the forehead, resulting in her getting five stitches at the ER. “I had blood in my eyes, I was tasting it.

“I remember realizing, oh my God, the news is going to get out. I was so humiliated.”

As we saw yesterday, Chad appears to be doing everything he can to try to win his soon-to-be-ex-wife back.

Now the shamed 34-year-old wide receiver is desperately trying to win his wife back by getting an image of her face tattooed on his calf, while changing his Twitter profile to:

“It is his way of trying to get her back but instead of being romantic it’s just creepy and weird,” a source exclusively told

Evelyn also goes on to say that she had seen signs that Chad was a lil’ schizo

Johnson also had a dark side that the reality star had witnessed before when she had confronted him about his flirtations with other women on the social networking site. “I always knew (to back down) when he got that look in his eye. It was scary,” she told People.

As Radar revealed following the couple’s explosive split this was not the first time he had allegedly hit her. “Chad has been abusive towards Evelyn basically from the beginning of their relationship,” a source close to the couple said, adding that the “marriage was volatile in nature and a mistake from the start.”

Still carrying the scars of his alleged temper on her forehead, Lozada is now determined to put the past behind her. “You learn from it… I’ll always have a love for him,” she admitted, but when it comes to physical abuse, “I don’t care what the argument is or who the man is, that should never be tolerated.”

Wow…How the HELL did Chad leave the receipt in the bag?? What a moron, his pimpin’ is lookin’ like simpin’ right about now.

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