Uninvited: 10 People And Wardrobes That Should Be Banned From Fashion Week

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People That Should Be Banned From Fashion Week

Fashion Week starts today! That means we get to see people in expensive a$$ clothes that look like clown costumes we’d never be able to afford. While they pretend they look like human beings, we just enjoy looking at pictures.

But some celebrities take it too far because, quite frankly, they can’t dress for isht.

Let’s look at some stars that should have their Fashion Week invites revoked.

Kim kardashian – Kanye is dressing her and she’s been looking busted ever since.

Lady Gaga – She lost us at meat dress.

Kanye West – He’s a faux-stylist that wears kilts and women’s shirts.

Nicki Minaj – Sorry Barbz.

Lil Wayne – He dresses like a Powerpuff Girl.

Foxy Brown – This outfit alone does it.

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    Lil Kim – Things haven’t been the same since she got out of jail.

    Wiz Khalifa – No peppermint pants at Fashion Week.

    Rick Ross – Gotta wear shirts at fashion week.

    Russell Westbrook – No sir. Not ever.

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