Another One Bites the Dust: T-Boz’s Crib is Foreclosed

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This foreclosure monster isn’t taking any prisoners, T-Boz is the next victim:

According to TMZ, the 10,000-sq. ft. Georgia home of T-Boz (real name: Tionne Watkins) is set to go on the auction block in January 2009, after failing to make her mortgage payments.

Public records indicate that the singer has defaulted on the original principal of her mortgage, which is reportedly around $530,000, and now the state has taken it.

Damon Dash, Fantasia, and now T-Boz…when’s it gonna stop? For some reason famous people seem to think repaying their home loan is a choice. SMH


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  • daughtercreole

    T-Boz’s daughter is soo cute
    i wish all the best for them

  • Cheryl

    1st of all,Fantasia didn’t lose her house.
    2nd of all,that sucks.

  • Talley-B (call me Steel)


  • Re

    Sad, sad, sadness. Lets keep up with the payments people. Sell your body/soul on the streets if you have to.
    Look what the Illinois governor had to do…


  • OverTheTop

    Damn young, I feel bad for T-boz. I feel as though she was the best member of TLC, just my opinion. Some entertainers don’t have other things to fall back on and that’s sad. Anything can happen to your career. You got to have a plan B.

  • Re

    Oh, and btw, her daughter is ADORABLE!



    her and mack 10 made a cute baby
    dont worry T…apartments are taking applications now….

  • sickofitt

    T boz mini me is a cutie pie

  • Christmas Jones

    @ Re…thats just foul dawg…

    Don’t bite off more than you can chew. I mean, I always told myself, when i get that first paycheck, I’m buying a house I’ve always wanted: a two story brick house in a quiet neighborhood. With some grass. And clean streets. And a farmers market nearby. And maybe a bike path for the little nigglins of mine. With a good public school closeby. No big corporation landmarks like Target or Walmart. I’m just saying, live simple yall, daang. …dats it.

  • Re

    @Christmas Jones

    Lol, just teasing…making light of a very dark situation…


    I didn’t know mack 10 was the father!?! Wow…I must live under a rock…I find Mack 10 to be annoying..

    But the girl is just too sweet. Reminds me of a lighter version of my younger sister…

  • Christmas Jones

    @ OverTheTop…damn shame aint it?

    Y’all remember though when Left Eye broke it down for us how they was broke even after they sold 1 Milly albums? Still don’t know how it happens…

  • Lisa M

    I like T-Boz. I hope her everything goes well for her and her daughter.

  • Christmas Jones

    @ Re…get in where you fit in, I know what you mean, j/k

  • Re

    @Christmas Jones

    I think alot of artists sign bad contracts when they’re new to the music industry. So many artists fall into a trap, and although they earn PLENTY of money, most of their revenue goes to the label companies…

  • HollaBack

    A 10,000 sq ft home is good when you’re still bringing in the dough but she knew MANY years ago that she wasn’t… plus an original $530k mortgage is less than $4,000 per month including property taxes and insurance.. so lord knows how many times she refinanced or took out second mortgages/home equity lines…

  • Christmas Jones

    @ Re…yeah, my friend was telling me that they never wrote a damn song too, maybe after Left Eye passed (RIP) but before that, zilch. All that money went to the people that, for lack of a better term “owned” them. SHUT DOOWWWN!

    I love T-Boz though, I can’t speak more highly of a beautiful, a REAL woman, she has been throgh so much,a nd this must be devastating. But again like I said, don’t bite off more than you can chew. As blackpeople, we do this quite alot. Remember to leave your childlren a legacy for their college tuition and a down payment on a good ’98 Toyota or Honda. Hey y’all, I’m just speaking from my (messed up) experiences.

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick


  • Raquel26

    @Re: I wouldnt go THAT far to keep a material item (because you cant take it with you when you die), but it does make sense for them to be responsible from the get go so they wouldnt have to be in situations like this.

    And commenting on this post is like commenting on Fantasia, and Damon Dash, etc. So, my opinions are pretty much the same.

    I really dont have too much sympathy because, hey, I have to get up everyday and work to pay my bills and I KNOW if I dont pay my care note, here comes the repo man. If I dont pay my mortgage then I will lose my home. If I dont pay any other bills, most likely it will go on my credit report as a bad deal.

    Sooooooooooo, they’re all grown and know the consequences of their actions. So, I dont have sympathy for a grown a** woman who cant seem to take care of responsibilities (kid or not). I see females out here everyday gettin it in to make sure their babies come first and that their bills are paid. On-time. To keep the things that they like to have.

    Selling your soul or body to try and make your situation better really isnt going to work. There isnt a thing on this earth that I would sell my soul for. Especially not anything materialistic.

  • Raquel26

    Oh, and her daughter look JUST LIKE Mack 10.

    Cute as a button though!! She is going to be a heartbreaker for real.

  • pm

    She got a house in LA, I would have sold the atl one before forclosure, Take out a Equity loan on the house in LA use the money to offset the balance for the house in atlanta and put it on the market to sell. Then take the money from the sell and pay back the loan. Like the white folks would do.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    She doesn’t have a job people. Why is this shocking?

  • twinny twin

    T-Boz’s Daughter is a Doll baby. Don’t judge people everyone falls on hard times. I wish all the best for them all.

  • Princess Moon

    Folks, once your income surpasses $1 million dollars…

    please let the word “mortgage” exit your vocabulary and your mind!

    There is no reason why people who bank in some serious dough doing movies and what not to be having mortgages, loans and leases!

    what a disgrace

  • Black Beauty

    If people would be sensible and quit trying to live above there means, these types of things would not be happening. Everyone is running around acting like they have Oprah money, poor things. SMH

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