ChitChatter: Ne-Yo Opens Up About Sexuality And Denies Gay Rumors “That Sh*t Ate Me Alive”

- By Bossip Staff

Ne-Yo continues to deny his love of the peen.

The R&B singer/songwriter has been forced to defend his sexuality numerous times, with many speculating that he pitches for the same team, ever since he first stepped onto the music scene six years ago.

In a recent interview with Upscale, in which he graces the cover, the singer-songwriter opened up about how the rumors have plagued his career.

”That sh*t ate me alive…(I was) like where did that come from? Who are these people that have gone to such heights to try and make people believe this? They went all out with that story,” Ne-Yo explained.

”I’ve never been the ‘hey everybody, look at me!’ dude and I’m not gonna start. If my music doesn’t do it for you, if it doesn’t get your attention, there’s 100 dudes out there that will do anything and everything so that you’ll look at them. I’m not that dude.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has addressed the gay rumors. Earlier last month, Ne-Yo hit out at his critics, saying:

”If that’s what y’all want to feel about me, by all means do so. Pay no attention to the fact that I got two kids and beautiful woman by my side…Buy the album though.”

Two snaps in a Z formation! Ne-Yo is serving up DENY DENY DENY in the key of Tevin Campbell, do you believe him or does he still need more people?


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