When The Checks Stop Coming In: Plaxico Burress

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Everyone knows that NFL money is not guaranteed, and any chance they can get to stop your checks from coming in they will take. Plax is the latest player subjected to those rules:

Plaxico Burress will not be receiving his $1 million signing bonus that was due as part of the contract he signed with the New York Giants in September. According to the Associated Press, the team is refusing to pay the money in the wake of his weapon possession charges relating to the Nov. 29 incident in which he accidentally shot himself in a Manhattan nightclub. NFL Players Association union spokesman Carl Francis confirmed Wednesday evening that the Super Bowl champions decided to not make the payment, which was due Wednesday. “We will file a claim in the appropriate forum to enforce his right to receive and keep the moneys entitled to him under his player contract,” Francis said. As previously reported, the union on Tuesday filed a grievance challenging the Giants’ decision to suspend and fine Burress last week following the shooting incident. The union said the team violated the collective bargaining agreement placing Burress on the reserve-non football injury list, suspending him for the final four games of the regular season and fining him an additional week’s salary for conduct detrimental to the team. The grievances will be heard by an arbitrator after the season ends. Burress pleaded not guilty to the gun charge and is due back in court on March 31.

The NFL can’t wait for a player to f*ck up so they can kind a way to not pay up. Players have to fight tooth and nail to get them stacks back.

That’s a shame but the real question is, should Plaxico get those stacks, or did he bring this on himself?


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  • bg


  • nicole


  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Plaxico’s name sounds like a rinky-dink gas station.

    Real talk.

  • bg

    you brought this on yourself

  • BE

    He don’t need no checks with his dumb ass! Shootinng himself…just stooopid!

  • the_one

    I am not someone who defends people when they knwo what they are doing is wrong but come on, there are players in the NFL who are know to beat their wives, this dude injured himself not anyone else and you want to throw the book at him legally and now also his pockets. This is crazy, if they only took that stand when they are caught drinking and driving, fighting in clubs, etc.

  • Vee (its Bossladee if u nasty)

    TGIF!! Hey folks. Well, seeing as this guy is arrogant and didn’t want to play for my home-team I am having a chuckle at his expense. After his legal drama he’ll be begging for ANY team to take him. However, they are blowing this out of proportion. He didn’t hurt anybody but himself-Jeez Louise.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    @Nina Knows
    😉 Glad I can make you laugh! It’s Friday, why not?

  • Sawyer

    Even though you f’ed up royally, no fears cause the Player Union will make sure he gets some of that money he’s owed. As far as future doe…go holla at Mike Vic and talk about what ya’ll next hustle gonna be!

  • Destiny's Dark Child

    WTF kinda name is Plaxico?

  • Nina Knows

    TIM TIM…

    oh is that a cyber threat..lol what you gonna do, put a virus on our computer.

  • Aunt Viv

    Yo Plaxico, I am so mad at you right now…and to think I threw confetti at you during the Giants ticker tape parade earlier this year-a waste of shredded paper!

  • chaka1

    Black men have got to pull it together. There’s too much at stake to be acting this damn foolish.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Look the idiot did a dumb thing. The league already penalized him for it with the suspension and pay forfeiture. What gives them the right to take his signing bonus? I know nothing about football, but from what I read he definately contributed to their superbowl win. If I were him I’d jet from the team. You can’t tell me someone won’t pick him up for a ton of money. His current team has proven they definately don’t have his back in any way.

  • Detroiter4Life

    He’s sooooo Stupid!! And any chance you allow someone an avenue to mess with your money you deserve what you get or in his case ain’t gon Get!! LOL!!! SMH at this fool!

  • Get The F*(K Outtta Here!

    he is an idiot, he may instances with the team suspensions, fines, etc…. He can only blame himself for what has taken place. Should he been on the Non Foot ball Injury list Yes. He shot himself. Do the Giants have a right to do what they did Yes! He has had so many opportunities make things right but has floated the team rules. He said he wasn’t losing any sleep over his last suspension, but I bet he is now. People don’t know he has done the same thing in Pittsburgh also, “it is all about me” well he absolutely right. Too stupid to appreciate what he has or shall i say had.

  • joe

    man plax str8 with the dough. he can sit out a few yrs and still be aight. plus somebody will sign his if the giants let em go.

  • lala#1

    I am a huge Giants fan.. and Plaxico Burress WAS my favorite player!!
    It amazes me how he was not fit to play in sunday’s game due to a hamstring injury, but yet had no problem bumping and grinding on some chick at Latin Quarters in NYC!!!

    He should have been home resting with his family!!! Trying to get better to help the GIANTS bring home another championship,, but no this idiot let the money, superbowl ring get to his head!

    He is his own worst enemy.

  • lala#1

    @ Mrs. Rance,

    This is the last straw with Plaxico.. he has no respect for what the word TEAM means.. He has been messing up this entire season,, showing up late, not showing up or calling!! all nonchalent about his actions, like the world or football revolves around him. He is a football player and it is still a job. In order to be gainfully employed you need and MUST repect your boss or in this case Couch Couglin and co-workers (giants team mates).

    I have been pissed off about Plaxico’s actions for some time now.. he can do better and should do better, Set an example for his children..

    I would not be at all suprised if they traded him.. serves him right!!!

  • Lady Architect (Happy As Can Be!)

    SMH @ Plaxico. I’m sure he’s learning his lesson. I won’t be surprised if he’s right back in VA Beach. Same thing happened to Mike Vic. There’s no excuses, no apologies needed. This is why they had officers and legal teams come in and tell them things they need to no do to jeopordize their careers so I don’t feel bad for him. He also signs a contract full of rules etc. Seems like he only paid attention to the money listed. Now he’s not even gonna get that.

  • Lady Architect (Happy As Can Be!)

    Didn’t Pittsburgh trade him for messing up and causing problems?

  • Lady Architect (Happy As I Can Be!)


    You all can talk your ass off talking about when the checks stop coming in you better believe he damn sure is’nt broke like some of you haters. Lol

    You sound so dumb. You know people said the same thing about Mike Vic right? You know how quick they pulled that man’s contract. All of his endorsements stopped the commercials and please believe that you don’t get all of your money up front. you must fulfill your contract and get paid as you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s soon to be broke. Trust me

  • Lady Architect (Happy As I Can Be!)



    TYPO DAMMIT!:”You DON’T pay people if they DON’T show up for work.”

  • Tony

    It wasn’t Plaxico’s fault, he was just trying to clean his automatic weapon in a nice, quite, safe, well lighted, nightclub setting. Oh yeah, I forgot, while the gun was loaded, so, there you go.

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