T.I. and Tiny Will Do

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Young Jeezy had a party this weekend in Atlanta in which many “exclusive” names were confirmed to attend (this is the same party Jay-Z and Beyonce were rumored to make their entrance in a private jet) but ended up being a D-list affair. Obviously, grubbing on burritos and enchiladas at La Esquina was more important than showing the Snowman some birthday love.

Who needs them anyway. Our favorite couple T.I. and Tiny were in attendance. The metrosexual committee was also in full effect.  Jermaine Dupri must’ve rummaged  through Kanye’s closet…he looks funny as hell rockin that Taliban scarf.

More pics from that event:

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  • NAIS

    Ti & Tiny look very nice- love her hair

    Jermaine should hang himself with that scarf- not a good look

  • Delta Diva

    Most of them look nice with the exception of yung joc- who told him to let the hairy chest out..lol. Tiny’s outfit is cute but she should have left that big ass bag at home and chose some different shoes… but it’s good to see them everywhere together

  • HalfPipeDream

    FYI, La Esquina is a restaurant. But there is also an ultra exclusive speakeasy type bar/lounge underneath the restaurant which is most likely where Jay and Beyonce were at, not muching on burittos as you say. The more you know…

    P.S. I HATE ATL and would rather eat mexican dinner out of a dumpster in Chinatown than attend a party in that city.

  • Buttercup

    T.i @ Tiny will do …lmao

  • poopface

    dress shoes and a hoodie???

  • La. Finest

    T.I. and Tiny look good together. JD that look is for Kanye and Kanye only.

  • shiiima

    as long as they are happy…

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    I’m convinced TI and Tiny were made for each other…they look like they belong together and I don’t mean that in a bad way either.

    I like her dress…even though they both “look” hella short in that pic they look very cute together.

  • Mahogany

    Yeah Kanye can get away w/ an ascot…..not many can but him…..and Fred from Scooby Doo of course.

  • Ayo

    That “TI and Tiny” line was hella funny. Hell yeah everybody thought they were gonna see Jay and Beyonce but got major z list. Tiny rocking the dark hair with streaks like Beyonce. It looks good.

  • Akasha1

    Finally Tiny got it right…she actually looks (dare I say it) CUTE!

  • kigali


    Never been to ATL. Why do you hate it? I would like to visit. I’ve been to the airport on my way to LA and it occured to me that every black man at the airport was a homosexual.

  • kigali

    Not everyone in the “A-List” knows about to party. Give me a room full of unarmed ghetto folks and some dope tracks and I will be ok!

  • Shay

    Tiny looks cute!!!!!!!

  • famou$ dude

    you is a dumb azz.. dats a tattoo on yung joc’s chest, not hair. dumb azz. everybody looks aiight to me.. yall stop hatin’ cause dey clothes be costin’ more than all the clothes in yall closet combined.

  • Miss Dee (The Incredible)

    Wow… watch who you call a dumbazz “famou$ dude”. Especially if you’re not going to use proper grammar. “you is a dumb azz”, is FAR from proper. Woooo LMAO!!!! Nevertheless, Tiny and T.I. definitely look nice in the pic. I love her dress, and her hair looks nice. Now J.D., NeYo, and Young Joc??? WTF??? Just because your clothes “be costin’ more than all the clothes in yall closet combined” does not automatically grant a pass from the fashion police. They ALL deserve TICKETS!!! LMAO!!!!

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    I see she fixed her bad nose job


  • really

    TI is TIny too she must be really short. I’ve never seen her before is she from his hometown?

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals

    I think the reason they look so short is because the angle in which the photo was taken.


    I absolutely adore her dress!

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals

    **scrolled back up to look at the photo and noticed the sorroundings**

    Where in the Julio Iglesias hell was THAT photo taken? LMAO!!! I think the owners of that establishment should invest some money in at least making the place look somewhat respectable!

    What the hell with the doors looking like termites ate it?????


  • Mahogany

    Why not just put the ho out @ 3?

    It’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask…

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals


    ROTFLMBAO at 6—

    OK. OK. I can’t breathe!!!








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