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Rapper and actor Saigon pounded out Mobb Deep’s Prodigy at club SOB’s this month in NYC. Prodigy who is a member of G-Unit has responded to Saigon’s claims he “snuffed little punk ass Prodigy”:

“For people to say, ‘He snuffed P,’ first of all, that’s what happens in a fight,” P says. “People get hit. I been hit plenty of times in my face in a fight. I done got people’s teeth lodged in my knuckles and all that. That’s what happens. At the end of the day, he got chased out the building

Mobb Deep’s Havoc also discussed the fight:

“How do you jump on another man’s back,” Havoc jokingly said about Sai’s departure from the club. “How do you do that? He jumped on another man’s back [to flee the club]. He started with us from the beginning. He’s a wack new rapper who will never be a legend. Mobb Deep are legends. If you think I’m wrong, say I’m wrong, but I got mad gold and platinum plaques.”

If you’re 4 ft 8 talking about spraying everyone and you will do this, do that on records…, these types of things happen when you meet the real.

Video of the fight right about now

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  • AND...

    WHO????? I don’t even know who these people are.

  • shiiima

    so childish.

  • ko

    Hav and P need to hang up the mic and call it a day. They been irrelevent since Hov clowned them on that summer jam screen (You was a ballerina, got the pictures I seen ya.)


    Who in the Hell is Saigon? Damn rappers be coming out the wood works.

  • Akasha1


  • kigali

    Mob Deep are so small. My goodness. How do you walk out the house being so small?

  • slimting

    I hate when people mess with Mobb Deep. These dudes are like 5’1. And Prodigy has Sickle Cell. It’s like messing with the kid on the little yellow school bus. Friggin ridiculous. Yea, they talk alot of sh*t in their lyrics but they started rapping at 17yrs old (or younger). That’s what young kids talk about. It’s true, they haven’t been relevant since Hov played them but they still have money. People just want to hate and start up controversy

  • Reformed GammaRay

    I don’t even understand what’s going… I’m mad they still havin fights…geezers..

  • closetcolumnist

    i’m so tired of seeing my beautiful black people live up to ugly stereotypes…

    (grown ass men in the damn club acting like 8th grade boys)


  • kigali


    I wasnt defending Havoc and Prodigy as real men. They shouldnt be made not to feel like men because 100 years ago they took some dance classes. In the black community, too often the things that should really make a person or rapper irrelevat is instead used to bring status like criminal and other anti social behavior. I mean Jay Z could have easily mocked them because as kids they cried when they were spanked. Big deal!

    I love that quiet strom remix with Lil Kim. They always had the dopest beats.

  • ko


    Whoa!!! First off I agree with what you are saying. Unfortunately taking dance classes or painting or sewing or whatever is looked at as a weakness in hip hop. Do I agree with that? No, but those are the rules. Especially when you rappin about “Shook Ones” and “Survival of the Fittest” its not a good look. You gotta admit, Hov did undress them on that summer jam screen. Since then, album sales have been slim. The Infamous Mobb Deep was hot. These guys are not. real talk

  • mandingo

    Prodigy’s an idiot. You got sickle-cell, are like 4ft9, can barely lift a burner yet brag about cappin dudes left right and center? All these “gangstas” are faggots, ‘scuse my french. Go back to the days when being a man meant you knew how to use your fists, when LL was talkin bout “mama said knock you out”. Hell, you got 10 year old militia-kids in Liberia who pack heat and murder on a daily basis yet all these peons think being strapped makes you a man. It was time to man-up and that illiterate vinyl-gangsta got what was coming to his sorry dwarf ass, ballerina or not. Real talk.

  • Reformed GammaRay

    I didnt know there were rules to hip hop..

  • lil neworleans


  • A +

    LOL at the dude who lifts Hav out of the way after he gets knocked up. As light as a feather, bless him!!

  • BK

    The lack of hiphop knowledge on this website is hilarious.

  • Dick Chestnut

    The problem with the many hip hop artist is that they have too many damn people on stage. And none of them are relevant to the performance. If it would have been just Hav and P on stage along with the DJ, it would be alot easier to see trouble coming and to contain those who start it.

  • Flex

    Anyone that’s down with Mobb knows their legacy. Strictly for the real heads.

  • mandingo


    “Anyone that’s down with Mobb knows their legacy. Strictly for the real heads…”

    Strictly for the real heads? I take offense to that statement: how the f*ck is being 4ft 9″ tall, 80-110lbs, have sickle-cell and talking about how you beat down dudes being “real”?!!?? Dawg, I do 1-arm curls with 80lbs how the hell is dude going to merc anyone? What makes a dude “real”? Talkin about ish you can’t do (I’d like to see either Prod or Hav try to go at any1 in a fight..they’d get their lil asses dusted quick)? Or maybe packin heat? Drop the burners & my 18 year old cousin would body both em dudes AT THE SAME TIME…and she’s female. Or maybe “real” is killin our people over nursery ryhmes or teachin our kids to be content spittin ryhmes and standing on the corner. Real hip-hop = Mos, Talib, Common, Lupe, Nas etc. “”Real”” (and that’s in double-double quotes) hip-hop = Fiddy, Mobb, Game etc…dudes goin at cats like you only cuz they want your dollar- whether you watch their movies or play their videogames nothin more. Cats that watch the industry trends and bend to it, all for that dollar..and that’s supposed to be “real”? The game right now is so full of overgrown babies who overestimate their value and fail to realize that all they’re doing (honestly) is spittin nursery-rhymes. Cats ready to go to war and merc niccas over NURSERY RHYMES, how stupid is that? And cats like you buy into this ish and perpetuate the problem. Go educate yself nicca…read a book or something.

  • PHKatz

    Dude can spit,though.Maybe,in this lifetime,he’ll drop an album.Pharaohe Monche,Wise Intelligent,NYOIL,Somobe.

  • Oakland380

    Mobb Deep has done shyt since Big Homie Tupac clown their azz on wax back in 1996. I don’t even think they made a comeback track for Hitem’ Up. Alot of these rappers wouldn’t have careers if Pac was alive. If those hobbits were trying to ride on T.I., well at least we all know his criminal history including his recent arrest on 10/13/07 with all those guns in his home that wet the whole Mobb Deep crew up!

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