Android Homme Shoes (Javier Laval) Was On Everyone’s (Jay-Z To Jay Cole) Feet At The VMA’s: Sit Down With Young Black Hetro Owner! [Video]

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We wrote about this brand when they first started, years ago. This time, we talk to Javier about his Android Homme’s success, Air Yeezy’s, and more.

As a matter of fact, it was one of our first Saturday Styles ever back in 2008…

Bossip: What’s your name and whats your relation to the Android Homme brand?
JL: Javier Laval . Founder . Creative Director . Brand Architect of Android Homme. @javierlaval
Bossip: How has your business been since we last talked?
JL: Truthfully our business has seen some explosive growth since we last connected.  When we spoke last you were one of the first to cover Android Homme during our debut season.  We have since expanded our distribution to include global retail accounts all over the world, we have been featured in numerous publications, blogs and of course on the feet of many of our favorite artists.  We have also tiered our brand to include a “Made In Italy” collection that is shipping to the finest retailers in the world, as well as created our very successful diffusion line AH by ANDROID HOMME which can be found in more mass market retailers around the country.  AH by Android Homme is different than Android Homme because of the technology we used on the outsole as well as the premium synthetic materials we used make the shoe super light without compromising the look.  We are also opening up our own retail shop Downtown Los Angeles by the end of August, we already have the space and have just been building it out.  Thats major progress and we love those that have supported us since DAY ONE like!
Bossip: How do you like it being a young minority controlling and thwarting the men’s shoe game in your direction?
JL: Its a challenge because im pretty much the only young black/latino designer having success in the footwear business that i know of.  I had a vision and i stuck to it no matter the “trends” or the resistance from retailers and consumers.  We are a forward thinking brand so some of the trends that people jump on is not where we are coming from.  I do believe that we are still young as a brand and have so much more room to grow so i don’t believe im controlling the game but im definitely playing it really well.
Bossip: Do you receive credit for being one of if not thee first shoe designer to embrace and build on the high-high top styled kicks?
JL: Im not sure actually, i know i didn’t invent the hi-top so i wouldn’t expect much credit for building upon that.  I do think that to a certain degree im credited with bringing a consistent quality luxury sneaker to a street/fashion consumer using some of the same suppliers, and vendors as the larger brands but at a reasonable price point.

Bossip: The rumors of designers all being gay is just a rumor, or is it true? Are you gay?
JL: Hahaha, i dont play much into rumors because most of the times rumors are just that…rumors.  To answer your question, im not Gay and am completely heterosexual.  I really love women for their curves, shapes, sizes, etc.  Some of my inspiration in design comes from the female form.  Women are just incredible to be honest.
Bossip: Why do you feel your shoe is different?
JL: At the end of the day, a shoe is a shoe…some have this feature or that material but i believe that what i bring to the table is a aesthetic that is unique in that its connected to a vision and purpose.  Our vision as a brand is to enlighten those in a slumber and give them the inspiration to follow their dreams.  Our tag line is “Reprogram Now” which is connected to my belief that we are all programmed beings.  So if you are unhappy with your programming then simply Reprogram!  Sometimes achieving our deepest desires and achieving our dreams requires a complete shift in our belief systems and our programming.  Thats what makes everything i do different because it comes from that spirit of doing it, even when no one believed that i could.

Bossip: What do you think of the Air Yeezy’s?
JL: Groundbreaking!  Hats off to Yeezy and his team of killers.
Bossip: What is your favorite shoe you released this year?
JL: I really still like our most popular model The Propulsion Hi, but this year we were the first brand to release some crazy pony camo hair driving loafers that i’ve seen a few brands jump on and follow suit.  Our latest release called “The Grid” is really dope too!
Bossip: Who is your best and biggest named buyer? (Swizz, ASAP, Jay Z, Bieber, Who?)
JL: Im not sure, i havent seen any pics of ASAP in our shoes but we’ve had some really incredible people rock our shit, some of them buy it and thats how we realize they are into the brand, others we connect with because I have a relationship with them or their stylist.  I get calls or emails all the time saying so and so was spotted wearing Android Homme and i appreciate the love but if you go to our website, social networks, etc you will see that we dont exploit who is wearing our footwear.  We appreciate it but its not our selling point at all.  People buy our brand because they love what we are doing.
Bossip: Where do you feel the men’s fashion game and shoe game is going in the future?
JL: Hopefully it will take a giant leap forward.  Im tired of seeing “classic” or “americana” styled footwear that my father and grandfather used to wear.  I feel like we got cheated!  I grew up believing that by this time we’d be on flying hover boards, flying cars, casual space travel, etc.  We’re not doing that yet because they’ve got their propaganda to make everybody afraid of the future.  They been programming us to believe that the future is about the apocalypse, alien invasions, the plague, and end of the world doomsday scenarios.  I don’t believe any of that is our reality, unless we believe it so much that we just create it ourselves.
Bossip: Why is it important to rock a clean shoe?
JL: Ladies love clean kicks…period.
Bossip: Who is your celeb crush?
JL: Too many to mention…!
Bossip: What rapper needs to be in your shoe?
JL: I dont care really, i dont design for rappers or any artists.  Most of them get their look from a stylist anyways.  I design for my peers and for those that see what im doing and are inspired to follow their dreams at some point as well.  I actually prefer that whomever is styling that rapper is wearing my shoes instead.
Bossip: Where can people find you and Android Homme?
Instagram: @androidhomme

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