Nas’ Greatest Hits

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is the cover for Nas’ “Greatest Hits” album that will drop November 6, and although we are Nas fans we think he could’ve made this list a little better.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Less Than An Hour (with Cee-Lo)

2. Untitled New Track

3. It Ain’t Hard To Tell

4. NY State Of Mind

5. One Love

6. If I Ruled The World (with Lauryn Hill)

7. Street Dreams (with R. Kelly)

8. Hate Me Now (with Puff Daddy)

9. Ether

10. One Mic

11. Got UR Self A….

12. Made You Look

13. Oochie Wally

14. Bridging The Gap (with Olu Dara)

Via Nah Right

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  • Bob

    Tracks that should be on it:

    Your da man


    You know my style

    Nas is like

  • misslovely

    Isn’t that the same day Jay’s album comes out? Love them both…but it’s about to be another Kanye/50 month in October if so. Except both albums are worth copin instead of one Roc album. I’m just sayin…

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Cute album cover…..


    Great cover…i love love love nasir. but i cosign with bob “nas is like” is my ish

  • kigali


    Gotta co-sign. I love Nas is Like. One of his better lastest tunes. Great album cover.

  • kigali

    Also could have been cool if he added Live at the BBQ and Fast Life with kool G Rap but I dont think those are his songs. Shucks. ANd verbal intercourse with Ghost Face and Raekwon. He made that tune big.

  • geefunk

    what about take it in blood,or who’s world is this!!!? this is nas greatest hits,but not his greatest song



  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    Man, half these damn songs were on Stillmatic…I do not believe Oochie Wallie should even be on a Greatest Hits album..PERIOD

  • AND...

    I don’t listen to Nas but I am loving the album cover. Very nice.

  • famou$ dude

    lmao @ “nas’s greatest hits” let me know how many hits he’s had to make a complete album.. dude be makin’ like 2 good songs on each record and the rest be lame.. smh.

  • weasel

    wha happened to Half Time!

  • ko

    oochie wallie was NOT a hit!!!

  • Miss Dee (The Incredible)

    I know y’all gonna eat me up, but where is “Thief’s Theme”? That is my ish!!!! LOVE NASIR!!! Supa Dupa cute (not fine), but cute!!!

  • daria

    Bridging the Gap is my favorite

  • imunique

    Let There Be Light

    Black Zombie

    Ghetto Prisoners

    His music is so inspiring to me. Damn…I love him to death. One of these days he’ll be mine.

  • BeautyIsHerName

    Awwwww NAS WDF BABY> damn pa I could have made a slammin Nas Greatest hits…that boy would have been triple disc inclduin some hot azz tracks dude didnt lay out to the public…Oh Man…I would have made Nas cd *FIYAH*…damn im mad im sayin this but that cd is lame mayne…C’mon Nas dont release that baby please re-do that greatest hits…they tryin to destroy you pa lay you to rest pa..dont let’em…you can come harder than that…..

  • Yes I Said It

    My favorite Nas song is I Know I Can.

    He should have put that on it.

  • Yes I Said It


  • Mina

    He should have included Just A Moment, imo.

  • Angela

    Oh No. A greatest hits album is the death knoll of a career. It’s the easiest way for an artist to fulfill their record contract. O.O Say it ain’t so Nas, say it ain’t so.

  • Bahama Mama

    GTFOH…Oochie Wally was a hit??? I think i must’ve missed that memo.

  • Harlem World

    Shut up all Nas haters. THere could ahve been dozens of other tracks included on this compilation… the album cover is tight. THe rhymes are tight. I’m on my way to pre-order it right now.

  • Sheena

    Now, I’m a Nas fan, but Oochie Wally? LOL, why that song, Nas??

  • Tay

    He should have put DOOGRAGS… and STILL DREAMING but I guess Greatest hits is geared toward songs that came out as singles

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