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Wow, this is crazy and sad…

Via NYPost

“If you don’t get here fast, I’m going to kill this guy!” A distraught Queens teenager made that warning to a 911 operator moments before allegedly stabbing her brother to death in a clash over a cellphone, sources told The Post yesterday. Neighbors could hear screams from inside the first-floor Woodhaven apartment during a fight between Yocairis Diaz, 18, and Frank Fortuna, 20, at about 5:25 p.m. Friday.

Fortuna picked up a dog chain and Diaz pulled a knife, a law-enforcement source said. The screams from the fight were soon replaced by cries of horror. “Help me, help me! He’s dying!” yelled their brother, Kelvin Diaz, 19, according to a neighbor who rushed to their aid. “Frankie was lying on the ground bleeding out, and his eyes were rolling back in his head,” the neighbor said.

Yocairis called 911 again to report the stabbing, dialed a second number, then fled with a neighbor in tow. “I did it! I stabbed my brother,” she allegedly told the neighbor, who saw her a block from the murder scene. “You should have seen how he had me,” Yocairis allegedly added, making a strangling gesture. “I didn’t know what to do.” A black sedan with two women pulled up to the corner. Yocairis got inside and the car peeled out. She was arrested at about noon yesterday and hauled into Queens Criminal Court, where she was awaiting arraignment on a charge of second-degree murder, said District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Fortuna was dead on arrival at Jamaica Hospital, police said. “He was a no-nonsense character, very serious guy,” sais McPherson 30. “I don’t know how to explain what happened. It’s sibling rivalry gone wrong.” Neighbor Kristina Anjarwati, 37, said, “You hear arguing all the time in this area. Nobody seems to get along. We are surrounded by it.”

Wow, folks are really murking their family members over such petty bullisht. And now this girl will be in jail for a good portion of her adult life. SMH.



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