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The new film touches on the taboo topics of abuse and scandal in the church that are too often swept under the rug.

There was a time when abuse in the church was thought to be the exclusive province of the Catholic church, but in recent years mushrooming allegations of abuse have reared its ugly head in the black church as well, shaking once heavily populated congregations to their very foundations.

With his new movie “Wolf,” filmmaker Ya’ke Smith wants to shine a light in the darkness of a taboo subject that has lurked (and thrived) in the shadows for years.

“The title comes from the analogy ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing,'” explained Smith. “The preacher is hiding in this God-like clothing, coming off as a spiritual person who is helping everyone, but he’s lurking through the congregation, looking for the weaklings. From his actions, he is also turning other boys into wolves, promoting that cycle of abuse.”

In the wake of the Bishop Eddie Long scandal, where the once blemish-free, mega-church preacher found himself settling out of court with a group of teenage boys who accused him of luring them with extravagant gifts in exchange for physical favors, there are those who might say that “Wolf” is coming at an opportune time. The film has been making its rounds around the country via the film festival circuit. Though it has yet to secure distribution for screenings in movie theaters, it is still one of the most talked about independent films today.

What do you think about exposing abuse in the church?

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