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Our dear friend, BDR, addressed the article we wrote yesterday.

Bossip, the photo you ran is of Jessica Rosenblum, a long time friend and businesswoman/hip hop party promoter. The woman who was referred as the “blonde bust down” is another friend of mine, supermodel Veronica Varekova (pictured above).

As the Editor and Chief of I am constantly checking on my site. There, I find myself surfing ********.com, and all of the other fun gossip sites daily. I love these sites. I often wonder though if they truly comprehend how much power they have. Millions of people congregate on these gossip sites daily and have dialogue online as part of their daily ritual. Entertainment magazines, television shows and internet sites don’t just rag on what people wear or vote in the “Sexiest Man Alive” – they elect Presidents. That is why the content in those magazines and on those internet sites are so important. What is reported on these sites have the power to either promote negativity, racism and sexism or instead, uplift, unify, educate and create understanding and tolerance among its audience.

As many of you may already be aware, communication is my business. As the Chairman of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, I make it my job to elevate the dialogue between all groups, races and ethnicities. I am excited to see race talked about on these internet sites because it opens up dialogue between people that may not meet walking down the street or at

school. Online, miles or countries apart, we can all exchange views, communicate and understand each other better. So, to the editors of these sites (which often go for the easy racial joke or the mean spirited quick

laugh) I ask you to consider this: with the right content, attitude and fair reporting you can contribute to the online community changing the world. You can make it a better place. I hope that all websites, especially the ever so popular gossip sites in particular, truly understand the power they have and use their power for good. I hope that everyday we will get just a little bit closer to promoting positivity, tolerance and love. It’s in your hands.

Uncle Russ, all we have to do is look at the pic above to see how serious you are about “elevating the dialogue between all groups, races and ethnicities.” You really get your hands dirty and lead by example. It’s all in jest, ya’ll know we got love for big homie.

On a serious note, How do ya’ll feel about BDR’s message?

More “hands-on” examples of how to better race relations below.



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