Fair Or Far-Fetched? Towson University Students Look To Establish ‘White Student Union’

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With Black Student Unions all over the counrty, should white students to be allowed have one too?

Towson University Students Rallying For ‘White Student Union’

A Towson University student is arguing that if black students can come together and celebrate their heritage and history, white students should be able to do the same. The student, who has also gathered support from his peers, is proposing the establishment of a ‘White Student Union’ on campus.

A Towson University student wants to start a ‘White Student Union’ on the campus. Matthew Heimbach said that he is gathering support from other students who support the idea of the organization.

The controversial idea was published in the University’s newspaper, where Heimbach alluded that the purpose of the organization is to replicate other student union organizations on campus by giving white students the same avenue to appreciate their history and heritage.

Students and professors balked at the idea of divisive ‘white only’ proposed organization on campus. One student said, “We had to congregate together because we weren’t allowed to congregate with whites. There is a difference between a White Student Union and a Black Student Union based on the history of America.”

According to reports for CBS Baltimore, Heimbach was also previously involved with an organization called Youth for Western Civilization, a group that caused uproar when messages of white pride were written across the Maryland campus.

Richard Vatz is a communications professor at Towson University and a former adviser of the Youth for Western Civilization, who had this to say: “When you have a group that calls themselves the White Student Union, their only purpose is generally hostility towards those who are non-white.”

What say you Bossip readers? Is it fair to deny these students the right to form this organization? How do you think a White Student Union would differ from a Black Student Union?


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