Remembering 9/11: Do You Feel Safe In America 11 Years Later?

- By Bossip Staff

Remembering September 11, 2001

Today marks the 11-year anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers in New York City.

Thousands lost their lives or their loved ones, thousands more were wounded, and the lives of Americans as a whole were changed forever.

From heightened security at airports, to widespread subliminal panic surrounding holiday events, to the declaration of a “war on terrorism” by the President himself, the 9/11 attacks had us all looking over our shoulders and even checking our mailboxes with caution long after that fateful day in 2001.

Eleven years later, with the leader of the terrorist organization responsible for the attacks captured and killed, and the majority of our troops finally home after spending months and years away from their families to take to the battlefield in defense of our nation, it seems as though things are much more secure than they were before.

But are they?

As we take this time out to remember the fallen heroes and innocent people who lost their lives eleven years ago today, do you feel safer since the 9/11 attacks that took place over a decade ago? Or does the seemingly constant and recurring outbreak of violence within our country recently still have you fearing for your safety?

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