Isn’t She Engaged? Wild Child Miley Cyrus Was Caught Sucking Face With Another Chick In NYC!

- By Bossip Staff

Where are her parents? Wait, where is her fiance!?!? Miley Cyrus is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons as usual. This week the teen singer/actress has tongues wagging about her doing a little same-sex kissing, and of course everyone is talking about how the timing is perfect because of her new platinum short “boy” haircut.

The former “Hannah Montana” star, who recently became engaged to longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth of “Hunger Games” fame, is sowing her wild oats before the wedding – by smooching other women.

“Miley decided to live a little before she ties the knot,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “She wants to have some fun and laughs before she gets bogged down with wedding plans.”

Miley, 19, was spotted sharing an intimate kiss with an unidentified woman at New York’s trendy club The Darby on Aug. 23 while her 22-year-old fiance was hard at work shooting his new film, “Paranoia,” in Philadelphia.

“Miley has always been outspoken over her support of gay rights,” the source continued. “She even sports a small equal sign tattoo on her ring finger to signify her belief that all love is equal.

“So it’s certainly not surprising that she’s experimenting with girls before she walks down the aisle.”

This isn’t the first time the onetime Disney darling has locked lips with another young lovely. In 2010, she puckered up with a cutie onstage during a performance of “Can’t Be Tamed” at London’s legendary G-A-Y nightclub.

At the time, the “Party in the USA” singer defended the kiss by claiming “nothing happened” and there are “more important things in the world” than two girls kissing onstage.

But Miley’s behavior was enough for self-professed bi actress Evan Rachel Wood to take notice!

After seeing Miley’s new do, Wood tweeted: “I called it! Miley Cyrus is leaning toward gay!”

Meanwhile, Miley’s career remains red-hot as she recently inked a deal to appear in a two-part episode of the hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men.”

“Miley’s having the time of her life right now,” added the source. “She knows she’ll have to settle down once she and Liam get hitched, but for now she seems to be living by the motto, ‘Girls just want to have fun!’”

SMH. If Miley is “having the time of her life right now” and feels the need to “live a little before tying the knot,” what is even the point of getting married? She’s only 19 anyway! What’s the rush?

And what gives with the making out with girls? Is she really attracted to women or is this just about how much she can get away with without Liam walking away?


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