The Miracles Of Modern Medicine: Boston Mom Who Lost All Four Limbs To Flesh-Eating Bacteria Will Be First Person To Receive Double Arm Transplant

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Props to the docs! A mother of three who lost all of her limbs to flesh-eating bacteria may regain arms if an upcoming surgery is successful.

A Texas woman whose body was ravaged by flesh-eating bacteria — leaving her a quadruple amputee — may become the first person in the country to receive a double arm transplant.

A Boston hospital approved Katy Hayes, of Kingwood, Tex., for the breakthrough procedure on Wednesday.

“I want my life back,” Hayes said at a press conference at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, according to The Boston Herald. “I want to hold my children. I want to hug my husband.”

Hayes, 43, lost both arms and legs in 2010 when she suddenly acquired a serious infection after giving birth. Doctors discovered Group A Streptococcus bacteria, which causes a life-threatening syndrome often described as “flesh-eating” for the way it destroys skin and muscle.

The mother of three slipped into a coma in February and doctors were forced to amputate her limbs to save her life. She woke in April and no idea what had happened.

Hayes underwent a “rigorous pre-operative evaluation” to be approved for the transplant, which would be the first of its kind, according to the hospital.

“These doctors are true rock stars,” she said on Wednesday. “They are giving so much hope to people, especially veterans who are coming home with missing limbs.”

Brigham is working with the New England Organ Bank to search for an appropriate donor.

Hayes’ husband Al, to whom she has been married for 13 years, documents her progress on a blog, “Katy is Strong.”

The couple has three children: Amber, 18; Jake, 8; and Arielle, 2.

What a blessing this will be if it works! We’re praying for you Katy!

Source ABC/AndersonLive

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