Cry Me A River: Guess The D-Bag Who Made King Bey Shed Tears???

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This should be easy enough. Damn, Yeezy Yeezy! You made your best friend’s wife CRY!!!

With the VMA’s going down last week, Entertainment Weekly chatted with MTV President Van Toffler about the show’s history and he gave up some little known deets about some of the most memorable VMA moments. Our favorite had to be this one about how Bey got a lil emotional when Kanye took the mic from Taylor Swift:

“There’s no way any of us could have predicted that — we didn’t orchestrate it. He came with a bottle of alcohol, so he was in a festive mood to begin with. But we all were in shock in the [production] truck when he walked up on stage and took the mic from Taylor. I remember turning to one of the producers and going, ‘Do we not have security?’ [But] we don’t put those big bulky guys on camera in front of the talent. Maybe this guy thought Kanye belonged on the stage.”

“I said to our line producer, ‘You need to go talk to Kanye and probably have him exit the building, and I will go deal with Taylor.’ And she was about to perform right after that break! She was a champ. I would be lying if I said she and her mom weren’t crying when I saw them, but she pulled it together. This was one of the most absurd VMA moments for me, having to talk to her and her mom, and they’re crying and upset, and this was her first time on the VMAs, and she had been used to working on country shows with polite artists. This was a little bit more chaotic than she was used to. And then I walked back behind the stage to find Beyoncé crying about the incident. Ultimately I talked to her and her dad and then went back to Taylor after her performance, and an hour later Beyoncé brought Taylor back out so she could have her moment.”

Aw, poor Bey so sensitive. That was sweet of her riiiight?

Well that’s not all Toffler shared… Hit the flip to find out how much the producers knew about Blue Ivy’s first public appearance (as “The Bump”) and why Chris Rock put them in a tight spot.

Chris Rock Clowns On J.Lo (1993)

“Chris Rock has tested me and all my relationships that I formed throughout the industry. He wouldn’t really give it up in rehearsal very much, and that’s probably why I got some angry letters from J.Lo’s camp when he went after her in 1999. [Sample joke: “I see Jennifer on TV thanking her mama and daddy, the acting coach. Thank your a$$, girl. Thank your a$$ before your a$$ goes solo, ’cause the a$$ is the star of the show. Jennifer is just the Commodores—the a$$ is Lionel Richie.”] But Chris Rock is a great comedian, and he’s got that sort of rock and roll attitude.”

Madonna Kisses Britney… and Xtina (2003)

“It was a long road to get to that Britney and Christina kiss, because they weren’t necessarily the first couple of people who were on the hit list. This may be the first time it’s revealed, but originally J. Lo was in the mix. That didn’t happen. And the thing about Britney and Madonna was they had history, so it was not easy to get them together on the stage. Both Britney and Christina obviously respected Madonna, so only she could pull that off. You have to have that kind of pull.”

SMH J.Lo missed her shot. Benny Medina must have put the nix on that one… He was like ‘J.Lo, look girl, I’m gonnna be the only gay superstar in this operation.’

Bey’s Baby Blue Ivy Bump Reveal (2011)

I remember Beyoncé showed up to rehearsal, and she was wearing really loose clothing. We like to know the wardrobe choices that our artists are making — we’ve learned the hard way sometimes. I remember asking her manager about it, and she said, ‘Don’t worry, she’ll show you the day of.’

She said to our director that she didn’t want to have a cutaway. She said, ‘Take a close-up of me at the end of the song. No audience applauding shot—I want you tight on me.’ That is what we knew. And then on the red carpet, she had kind of indicated what was going on. It wasn’t until an hour before the show that we figured it out, and the rest of the world figured it out. Most of the artists didn’t know, and we got that great [reaction shot] of Kanye after the reveal with Jay.”

That may be the best VMA moment of all ti–, okay sorry Kanye, your VMA mic grab was the best of all time.

Eminem Gets Cloned (2000)

“The ‘Real Slim Shady’ performance with all the lookalikes was our idea, and to Eminem’s credit he embraced it. Based on the lyrics of the song and the idea of the song, he was the only performer we had walk outside the venue into the venue, and everybody flipped out.

He can stand on stage by himself and rap and it’s compelling, but we wanted a way into it, and we used the environment of New York City and Sixth Avenue. At the rehearsal, not all the lookalikes had the blond hair he had at the time, so everybody had to dye their hair.

Visually, that was one of the best VMA performances ever…

Britney The Snake Handler (2001)

“I think that idea came from her camp. Some of these venues are uncomfortable having live animals in the room. Crazy people? Yes. Live animals, it’s a little bit funky. She was totally prepared to do it, and she rehearsed with it. Little known fact: She actually broke out in a rash in rehearsal. I don’t know whether it was the snake or what, but she made it through. That’s the beauty of make-up.”

Yuck, a rash? She probably got it from being a nasty person who walks around with no shoes on at gas stations.

What was your favorite VMA moment of all time? Let’s discuss!

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