Cry Me A River: Guess The D-Bag Who Made King Bey Shed Tears???

- By Bossip Staff

This should be easy enough. Damn, Yeezy Yeezy! You made your best friend’s wife CRY!!!

With the VMA’s going down last week, Entertainment Weekly chatted with MTV President Van Toffler about the show’s history and he gave up some little known deets about some of the most memorable VMA moments. Our favorite had to be this one about how Bey got a lil emotional when Kanye took the mic from Taylor Swift:

“There’s no way any of us could have predicted that — we didn’t orchestrate it. He came with a bottle of alcohol, so he was in a festive mood to begin with. But we all were in shock in the [production] truck when he walked up on stage and took the mic from Taylor. I remember turning to one of the producers and going, ‘Do we not have security?’ [But] we don’t put those big bulky guys on camera in front of the talent. Maybe this guy thought Kanye belonged on the stage.”

“I said to our line producer, ‘You need to go talk to Kanye and probably have him exit the building, and I will go deal with Taylor.’ And she was about to perform right after that break! She was a champ. I would be lying if I said she and her mom weren’t crying when I saw them, but she pulled it together. This was one of the most absurd VMA moments for me, having to talk to her and her mom, and they’re crying and upset, and this was her first time on the VMAs, and she had been used to working on country shows with polite artists. This was a little bit more chaotic than she was used to. And then I walked back behind the stage to find Beyoncé crying about the incident. Ultimately I talked to her and her dad and then went back to Taylor after her performance, and an hour later Beyoncé brought Taylor back out so she could have her moment.”

Aw, poor Bey so sensitive. That was sweet of her riiiight?

Well that’s not all Toffler shared… Hit the flip to find out how much the producers knew about Blue Ivy’s first public appearance (as “The Bump”) and why Chris Rock put them in a tight spot.

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