Fawk A Barbie: DMX Throws Some Super Shade To Nicki Minaj – “No F****ng Way I’m Listening To This B***h Ever Again”

- By Bossip Staff

You can always count on the X man for some colorful commentary…

DMX Not A Fan Of Nicki Minaj

DMX is speaking out on Nicki Minaj’s recent lyrics about a Mitt Romney endorsement and letting us know how he really feels about his fellow NYC native…..and it’s not good.

DMX has given his two cents on Nicki Minaj’s controversial lyrics about voting against Barack Obama for Mitt Romney, saying he isn’t a fan of her music, but he tolerates her.

“I don’t really listen to her. I tolerate it, if it happens to come on the radio or if her music is in somebody’s car playing, but when she’s like “Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiii,” I’m like “there’s no f**king way I’m ever going to listen to this b*tch again under no circumstances,” X admitted.

“That was disrespectful. She stole two bars with one word. If that’s not cheating, I don’t know what is. [Laughs].”

When asked who he would vote for if he was able to, X challenged Nicki, replying: “Obama n*gga, Obama n*gga! There are no scandals that came up like the other presidents. If he is smoking weed and f*cking b**ches on the side, he got his s**t on lock.”

SMH….this dude….


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