Taboos: Things You Should NEVER, EVER Do In Front Of These Celebrities Or Else They Flip Out!

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Things You Should Never Do In Front Of These Celebrities

Last week we showed you some divas and their requirements to make them happy. But let’s look at the flip. Some celebrities have peeves and demands that mean you’d get shunned if you tried to say or do these things around them.

So tread lightly, here are some ways to get blackballed by your favorite celebrities.

Jay-Z – Jigga doesn’t want to heard isht about Chris Brown. Mention Breezy to Hov and he starts to spaz.

Kanye West – Do NOT mention Kimmy Cakes and her tape with Ray J…even though Yeezy mentioned it on his latest album.

Diddy – He’s cool and laid back, but if you play footsie with him he’s not taking you out on a second date. Diddy hates bare feet around him.

Megan Fox – Don’t even dare try to get her to go to a public bathroom. She has a major fear of them.

Oprah – She’s known as a nice woman but if you chew gum around her she’ll have your social security wiped from human record.

Brad Pitt – He has an irrational fear of moving backwards, so if you’re driving him around, don’t put the car in reverse.

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    Kelly Osbourne – She haaaates being touched by strangers. So don’t try to rub up on her even in passing. She’ll curse dat a$$ out.

    Leonardo Dicaprio – He doesn’t like to step on the sidewalk…so you’re going to have to walk right down the middle of the street if you chill with Leo.

    David Beckham – Don’t try to mess with or mention odd numbers around David Beckham. He hates them. Maybe that’s why he has two kids?

    Cameron Diaz – If you don’t open a door for her, that’s a problem because she hates doorknobs.

    Kesha – She hates it if you wear a hat around her. She says “90 percent of them are ugly.”

    Kelly Clarkson – She can’t stand it if you have your clothing tag out. If so, she’ll straighten your clothes out for you.

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