What Were You Thinking???: Michael Jackson

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

MJ was in Beverly Hills yesterday and…just damn, man. The combination of the Zorro mask, the blue tunic, and that evil grin are all perfect ingredients for a week long intervention mini-series. What were you thinking, Michael?

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  • bg

    I don’t have anything nice to say…so i will chill on this one, but everyone else. On your mark, get set, hate! Im ready to lmao

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile&id=1529197408#/profile.php?id=1529197408&ref=name brianna !!

    LMAO !!!!!

  • Intuitive

    Poor Mike

  • Stion

    3rd.. I’m Bad

  • BlackBeauty

    Michael has been a freak for 40 years. His behavior does not even get a rise out of me. I saw the Jackson’s movie, so I can see why he acts the way that he does. LOL

  • hgj

    haha 😀 Michael you’re the best. LOVE ya :*

  • Stion

    Damnit… maybe not

  • GiGi

    Happy Saturday, weekend workers!!

    What CD is he carrying??

  • Boobie G

    Word up GIGI im sure working on this saturday. But as for this fool michael jackson………….. No comment

  • QualityChick

    He looks like he just jumped out the car and said….OOH WHERE DA KIDS AT???
    Nah let me stop but I really think he’s just trying to figure out ways to maintain attention…even tho its not good….what a Wacko…

  • http://www.j.com noelle

    I am considering going Mulsim too. Welll, I am just considering not wearing skirts or dresses unless I have to…. i.e. idk when. And just dressing up my eyes when I go out lol.

  • QualityChick

    Mornin All!!!

  • Who is that white guy

    Does he have manic depression?

  • Past Caring

    He went over the deep end many years ago, so nothing surprises me about the freakazoid. He is so pathetic and desperate for his once dominate glory that he will do anything. Gossip blog attention is the only action he can draw for himself these days, poor thang.

  • Mrs. Rance

    It has been established for something like 30 years that Michael is weird as the day is long. Why are people still shocked by his weirdo antics? I’m just happy to see him smiling.

    Wassup Mike!

  • Whut??

    I hope someone will tell him that it’s only a requirement for women to cover up in Islam……..well…. then again… maybe he knows?…….Lord Have Mercy!

  • Jessica

    Michael has lost his mind and is officially demon possessed. He looks like he needs Jesus Christ or one of the Apostles gifted with the Holy Spirit to lay their hands on him. Lord have mercy, but yes I do believe there are spirits waiting for their day of judgment and until then they roam the earth inhabiting victims at will. He seriously needs to dunk himself in the watery grave of baptism and free himself of this slavery, lol…

    For real though!

  • Adwar Knowledge

    I believe Michael is trying to get back in whereever the hell he fit in?? The problem is that his antics have created so much bad PR that it is a gigantic job to say the least.

  • lez-beyonce

    I just want to know what that CD is!!!! Like… what kind of mix cd did someone make for him?

  • Fangbanger aka Sookie

    i just wish he’d put out some music or at least collaborate, produce… something.

  • QualityChick

    He grabbed the pied piper eye mask and the muslim female attire….GREAT COMBO MIKE!!!!!

  • Encyclopedia Brown


  • Marshabio


  • chris

    omg he looks like a crazy ass hamburglar

  • hgj

    he has a CD with the Jackson’s Are Coming ..
    its a TV series on an UK channel

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