Knifed Up! Bleached! Cakes Full Of Silicone! Self Hatin’ Models Across The Globe Are Doing Some Dumb Isht Trying To Fit The European Standard Of Beauty

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This is downright sad…

An eye-opening web series which explores the world of fashion outside New York, Paris, London and Milan is returning for a second season, and it uncovers the extreme measures models will go to just to participate.

Travelling to Jamaica, Israel, South Korea and Uzbekistan, Vice magazine’s Fashion Week Internationale follows host Charlet Duboc as she investigates rampant plastic surgery, racial tensions and strange cultural phenomenons.

Going behind the scenes, she uncovers the trend of models’ skin bleaching, as well as a popular eyelid surgery and their struggles with transgender modelling.

In the first episode of the new season, Ms Duboc heads backstage during Rio fashion week, explores the catwalks amongst shanty towns, and investigate a dicey racial issue, an emerging trend of transgender supermodels.

In another episode in Kingston Jamaica, one model says to Ms Duboc, ‘You may not be able to have your food, but you’ve got to have your skin bleaching,’ and in Seoul, she follows models as they undergo eye-lid surgery in an effort to adhere to an ‘ideal look’ of westerners.

Last season saw Ms Duboc unearth the cultural dynamics of fashion weeks in places such as Nigeria, Colombia, and Pakistan, where she watched and filmed a model getting a butt cheek implant.

Vice Global Editor Andy Capper added: ‘Our expertise is not really in haute couture or in fashion, but in finding human stories behind them and luring people in with a tag like “fashion.”‘

The series airs on Vice September 13, where they will move from Rio Fashion Week through to the Caribbean and finally Tel Aviv, the last episode which airs December 13.

It’s not like any of this should come as a surprise but we wish that people would smarten up enough to stop slicing, dicing and bleaching themselves to live up to some standard of beauty that ain’t even all that most of the time.

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