Bi Baby: All The Women Nicki Minaj Hit On While She Was Pretending To Be Bisexual

- By Bossip Staff
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Women Nicki Minaj Rapped About

Nicki Minaj recently broke the hearts of excited men and lonely ladies by revealing that she wasn’t in fact a lesbian. But what about all of those lyrics she dropped throughout the years when she was hitting on women and talking about chopping down women left and right.

So to commemorate her decision, we’ll look back at the women she hit on during her time pretending she liked to bump goodies with females.

“Looking for this b**ch called Blac Chyna so I can take a n***a b***h in hot flash.”

“I think you, me and Amb should Minaj Friday”

“…With a bad b**** that came from Sri Lanka”

“I only stop for pedestrians or a real real bad lesbian”

“I could only kiss another fly girl lips”

“And I keep a bad b*** I’m a Jickster/ but I’ll leave her in a second for a thick girl”

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    A$$ so fat, all these b****es’ p****** is throbbin’

    These aren’t lyrics, but we do have Nicki giving a lovely lady a lap dance…

    …And that time her and Rih Rih played grab a$$ together on stage.

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