When a Makeover is Needed: Trick Daddy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is a pic of Trick Daddy at the “Gucci Pucci” at Club Karu & Y in Miami.  Wait a minute, “Gucci Pucci?”  SMH

Trick Daddy’s face looks like it hurts and your boy is in need of an emergency rejuvenation day at the spa. F*ck that, more like a month after taking a gander at those lips and dirty ass hands.

Pop the hood for more hard living by Trick, Irv Gotti and other fellas.

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  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Has someone been chewing on his face?

  • Sydney

    Definitely in need of exfoliation. . .

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Gucci Pucci I SEE U wut UPZ!!!!

  • Shante

    Oh leave trick alone. He is getting older. He does need to rejuvenate at the spa.

  • d303

    they look so played out…..”I got the hook up on the Remy homie!” “Girl, I’m tellin you my boy got the hook up….” pushin’ a 99 Range Rove lookin a$$ n*gg%



    Killin’ me.;^D

  • http://www.barackobama.com ☆ Lola A♏ ★

    He looks casket sharp…..literally 😕

  • thatbrutha

    rough lifestyle I guess, I didn’t know DOm did that to you.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Cursed Minstrels!

  • Tammy

    Leave Trick alone. He don’t bother nobody. You don’t ever see him getting caught up in all that rap B.S. He always keeps it real thats why I like him.

  • D

    thats not Irv. Its his brother Chris.

  • Jessica

    I live in a small town boarding Oakland, CA and I think I saw Trick Daddy at the dollar store in East Oakland no lie. Brother needs aveeno and to return that apparel to his grandson. Wow, is it too much to expect a man to dress like one?

  • Star Rocking Mockishly

    I say got damn…he never was a looker anyway



  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    He looks like he perpetually just got out of the joint.

  • http://www.barackobama.com ☆ Lola A♏ ★

    that isn’t Irv, that’s his brother Chris

  • Hater

    this is the most ignorant and belittling site i have ever seen. Trick Daddy looks handsome!

  • always knew


  • e-ka

    I think he is really sick

  • juan

    He looks dead…..like a funeral home made his face up after being shot.

  • http://www.j.com noelle

    wow briscoe looks like i nee dmore white tees

  • delita

    That dude got the bug! I am telling you its written all over his face!

  • Ms. Intelligent

    Leave Trick Daddy alone… you know the streets are hard. lol @teddy ruxpin

  • SeptemberChick

    CLAUDE Hammercy!!! :))

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