In Shamed And Salty White Folks News: Video Surfaces Claiming To Prove Kristen Stewart Affair Photos Were Fake

- By Bossip Staff

Video Claims To Prove Kristen Stewart Affair Photos Were Fake

A video claiming to prove that the publicly released photos that put Twilight trampstress Kristen Stewart’s affair with her married film director Rupert Sanders on blizzy blast were faker than a $4 bill.

The photographic evidence. That’s what we labeled pictures of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Us Weekly, as they clearly showed the actress and director locked in a passionate embrace.

Or did they?!?

A new video has gone viral that purports to debunk this myth. It alleges its very own “proof” that the images were actually doctored, edited to appear as if Sanders and Stewart were making out in Los Angeles when, in this supposed reality, neither star was even at the location in question.

Stewart, of course, admitted to the affair within 24 hours of this report hitting the Internet. So why would she possibly play a role in the conspiracy?

Blackmail! What if Sanders and Liberty Ross were behind the scandal this entire time in order to boost their professional profiles? The latter did suddenly walk the runway at New York Fashion Week a couple days ago.

Even if there was any truth to this,does it really even matter if she’s already admitted to the affair?  Check out the video below and decide for yourself.


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