Arrests: One-Time Pops This Dirty Drifter For Raping 73-Year-Old Woman In Central Park And Discovers Rap Sheet Full Of Assaults On Elderly Jawns!!!

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They caught the nasty fawker who raped the 73-year-old lady bird watching at Central Park and it definitely wasn’t his first such offense:

A deviant drifter with a terrifying rap sheet that includes two sex attacks on elderly women was charged Thursday with the rape of a 73-year-old bird watcher in Central Park.

Three rookie cops caught Appalachian ex-con David Albert Mitchell, 42, strolling down an upper West Side street, and the victim later picked him out of a lineup.

The West Virginia native — who has been locked up most of his adult life — did not confess and asked for a lawyer.

But he was nabbed with the memory card from the victim’s camera, which he snatched after dragging her into the brush to beat and rape her Wednesday morning, police said.

“He’s clearly a violent, dangerous individual,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

The disheveled suspect — covered in tattoos of warriors, dragons and the Grim Reaper — angrily spat at reporters as he was taken to Central Booking.

Hours later, he remained silent as he was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court and ordered held without bail.

Mitchell’s disturbing criminal history began when he was just 18 and charged with molesting and beating to death 87-year-old Annie Parks during a burglary in his hometown of Jenkinjones near the border of Kentucky and Virginia.

A jury acquitted him, and months later he was accused of raping a woman in her 70s during another break-in, the Charleston Gazette reported.

“He asked me to get him the best possible plea deal,” said Sid Bell, who was his lawyer at the time and is now a prosecutor.

Mitchell pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery, was sentenced to 10 years and did about eight in state prison.

After his release, the ex-con was arrested at least twice more before being convicted of kidnapping in 2003 and sent back to prison for eight more years.

He was busted several times in the past two years for probation violations and petty crimes but didn’t serve any hard time before he left for New York

Mitchell’s brushes with the law “were always sexually driven,” his sister-in-law and ex-girlfriend Saretta Mitchell told The Associated Press. She said she was the victim in the 2003 case and was nearly sexually assaulted by the drunken predator when he dragged her from her home.

Investigators believe he arrived here three or four months ago and was sleeping in Central Park. And he soon found trouble again, sources said.

He threatened Ayrton Ferreria dos Santos, a performance artist known as the “Mayor of Strawberry Fields,” with a knife on Aug. 20, police said.

“He pulled a 6-inch shank on me,” dos Santos said. “It all happened over a joint.”

A week ago, Mitchell was pleasuring himself in a section of the park called The Ramble when the elderly bird watcher inadvertently photographed him — triggering a scary encounter, Browne said.

“What are you doing?” the man demanded when he saw her camera. “Give me that.”

The woman, a professional photographer, ran off without reporting the incident. Then, on Wednesday morning, while she was trying out a new camera lens in the park, the same man pounced and began pummeling her, police said.

“Do you remember me?” he asked. Then he dragged her into the brush and brutalized her.

“This was a revenge attack,” the shaken and bandaged victim told Channel 7 Thursday night.

She said she would not let the attack deter her from her beloved hobby, vowing, “Nobody is going to take that pleasure away from me.” Detectives discovered the earlier photo of Mitchell on the woman’s hard drive and gathered surveillance photos of the attacker leaving the park.

The NYPD beefed up patrols near the park. Officers Enmanuel Rodriguez, Steven Ourelio and Sicelin Ortiz spotted Mitchell Wednesday evening at W. 77th St. and Amsterdam Ave.

“We had very alert rookie officers who recognized him,” Browne said.

After the victim identified him, the career criminal was charged with rape, a predatory sex act, a criminal sex act, robbery and felony assault. He was also charged with menacing in the knife incident last month.

SMH @ this guy getting away with murder — he should have never been released from prison!!! And what the hell is up with the lady who is both his sister-in-law and his ex-girlfriend and a former victim? What’s really going on in the Appalachian region?

Aaron Showalter

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