SMH: Usher Tells Oprah He Wasn’t Sure He Was Ready To Marry Tameka … But Does He Admit To Being A Dirty Dog?

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Oprah has been killing it with her “Next Chapter” interviews and in her latest one she asks Usher point blank whether or not he was a cheat who got caught creepin’ during his marriage to Tameka Foster.

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Usher Raymond IV who speaks publicly regarding the custody battle over his two boys, addresses accusations of infidelity and answers the question — do you make love to your own music? Winfrey’s exclusive interview with Usher will air on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” this Sunday, September 16 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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Here’s some excerpts:

Usher addresses the custody battle and cheating accusations:

OPRAH: It’s nasty fighting over children, isn’t it?

USHER: It is very nasty. And there is no winner in any fight.

OPRAH: So many things were said, accusations made during this whole battle. She accused you of cheating with one of her bridesmaids. I think you said she spit on you. Is there one that hurts you the most? First of all, were you faithful to her?

First Look: Was Usher Unfaithful to His Ex-Wife?

In August 2012, the three-year custody battle between R&B superstar Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, came to a dramatic close. Now, for the first time, Usher opens up about the verdict and accusations of infidelity.

We’re gonna go ahead and take a bet that Ush is honest this time. After all we’re talking about Oprah. Hopefully he admits he screwed some women while married, but we’re doubtful he’ll own up to screwing Grace — who is probably the puppeteer behind this whole public Confession in the first place!

First Look: Why Usher Called Off His Wedding

Usher’s relationship with his now ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, played out in the tabloids for years. In the summer of 2007, the couple made headlines when they called off their lavish Hamptons wedding hours before the ceremony. A week later, they exchanged vows in the office of Usher’s attorney. Watch as Usher tells Oprah why he had second thoughts about their marriage.

Why Usher called off his wedding:

USHER: And I say I’m kicking myself in the butt because I always felt like maybe we weren’t ready.


USHER: And maybe this wasn’t the time or the way to do it. And, you know, part of that I think played into the demise of it.

OPRAH: Okay, okay, let’s stop right there.

USHER: Yeah.

OPRAH: You’re spending a million dollars on a wedding and you’re kind of not sure. Really?

USHER: Yeah.

This just seems horribly timed to us. Tameka just lost a young son, then he took away her two youngest. Clearly this guy has ZERO heart at all. No wonder people aren’t checking for him musically anymore. Clearly Grace thought it best he do some damage control after that horrible custody battle but is this really the time? When the mother of his kids is still mourning the loss of one of hers???

First Look: Usher’s Bedroom Confessions

It’s something Oprah says she’s always wondered about: Does Usher, an artist known for his steaming hot videos and sexy song lyrics, make love to his own music? His answer may surprise you.

Does Usher make love to his own music?

OPRAH: So here’s a question I’ve always wondered. Have you or do you make love to your own music?

USHER: (Laughter.) I love that. You caught me. All right. Some may say this would be rather narcissistic.

OPRAH: Yeah.

USHER: But, yeah.

What do you think about Usher going on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”? Was this the right time? Do you think he’ll be/has been honest? Are you even checking for him still?

The full interview airs on OWN Sunday September 16th at 9pm EST.

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